All I Need

What could I not live without?Well that would be my faith,no doubt!When times get tough I stop and pray,He will listen and make me gay. Me and my daddy had a special bond,We spent most of our days fishing at the pond.Then he started leaving me to go out and play,But with drugs, not toys, so in jail he stays. My mother has been married four times,She only wanted men for their dimes.I never saw any of that money she perverted,The pantries and closets stayed deserted. I hated the world and everybody too,Because my sad life was just hard to chew.I began paying attention in church,Giving this God thing a shot couldn't hurt. I prayed and prayed for a change,Then one morning I woke to something strange.My bags were packed and my mom was crying,I had finally received my silver lining! The Courts put me with my grandmother,My black & gloomy world gained some color.I know now how great love and affection isWhen I meet Jesus, I will give him a kiss! Most people wouldn't be able to live without food, phones or even a mallBut for me, if I didn't have Him  I wouldn't want to live at all.    

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