Hold Me Close In Your Arms...

Twin size bed. 

Cracked and chipped away ceiling paint. 

I remember the taste of tears in my mouth. 

Growing up with a broken heart;

A girl that never got her mother's love.

Life wasn't worth living for me.

Just an endless misery.

Death was an answer on the test of life, but I cheated that question many times.

I had the option to slit my wrists. To jump in front of a car or a bus.

But I was too scared. Too scared to leave the life I hated so much.


To be completely honest I don't really know.

I went through more than a decade of my life having nothing worth living for.

But then my friends came along. 

They picked me up from the grave I put myself in.

They cleaned off the dirt I was covered in, still missed a few spots.

I'm good now. Thanks to them.

They gave me the answer to this poem.

They are who I am willing to die for.

I can't live without them, because without them I wouldn't be living.

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