Fri, 03/11/2016 - 01:20 -- Senacal

I guess it's time to find something important.
More important than the way that you made me feel.

A significant item that won't cause me tears.
Perhaps it can be a technical device because it'd stay with me for years.

Maybe a fluffy animal that always stops my cries.
Because at least with them, there won't be any goodbyes.

Maybe a TV show or an actor to take your place.
That way, it'll be a different face.

Someone who can make me laugh and dry my tears.
A person who doesn't leave after three damn years!
Someone more like me in the matters of the heart.
At least they'd understand my fear of being torn apart.

No more questions as to why I'm so strange.
No more annoying habits to make me mad.
Someone with the same mindset.
But someone who can also argue against me.

I never realized how much of my time you've wasted.
You blinded me and stopped me from going places.
Now that you're gone I can finally see who the most important person is to me.

She's made me nervous all this time.
Kept me happy even though I wasn't fine.
She understands my mind like no one else, and she even argues against myself.

She's a funny little thing.
And she makes me want to sing.
I think she's as nervous as me.

Though she never knows how much I'm hurt, she somehow comes through with comfort.
Her smile is as bright as the sun.
Her tears dim the rays.

I love her with all my heart.
And now I know my work of art.

She's most likely taller than me.
More beautiful than what others believe.
My little snowy so full of warmth.
With her, I'm not afraid of getting hurt.

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