I Rather Die with a Laptop

During the first day of College in my Molecular Biology lab,

The teacher made us each pick up a tab.

As he had planned an ice breaker with the intention of getting to know everyone.

We each got different questions and had the chance to choose, but only one.

My question was, “What is one weird thing you have done?”

But seated way up front was this timid Asian guy

He was asked “What is one thing you cannot live without?”

His answer rolled off his tongue so quickly as if he was no longer shy

He rose up and yelled “If I don’t eat rice every day, I will pass out”

I laughed hysterically and thought to myself, but what was that about?

As I began to ponder, for a minute I wondered what my answer would be

Then I remembered the time when I was on the toilet getting ready to pee


A few years ago, there was an earthquake

My cousins and I were watching a movie on my laptop placed on the edge of the bed

When I was taken with the sudden urge to use the bathroom

With my pants around my ankle, the earth began to shake

All I could think of was that my $500 - brand new laptop was going to break

I immediately ran out of the bathroom to save my laptop

By this time everyone was outside scared by the possibility of a collapsed rooftop

But all I could think about was this piece of machine

A new technology that possessed all my homework and organic chemistry reagents like butadiene

In retrospect, that was a dumb mistake

I had just risked my life for a computer, for goodness sake

But in my head, it was the one thing I could not live without

And yet, my laptop is what this poem is all about

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My family
My community
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This is awesome! Good luck with the scholarship! :)


I appreciate the support AJay;Thank you! :)

Piper Thursday's

This is a great poem!


Thank you so much!! Please dont forget to click the thumbs up at the bottom(facebook thumb) and share the link so that more people can like it as well. I appreciate your read and I'm glad you liked it! :)

Elisha Chipare

What I'd you don't have an fb account?
How do you like?


Thank you for your question! Below the poem, there is a sign that says MENTORING. Underneath that is SHARE THIS POEM WITH A MENTOR. Finally, underneath that is a facebook thumb and other social media outlets. If you click the thumb, this poem will be liked. I dont believe it is essential for you to have a facebook account first. If you do not have a facebook account to share it through, you can share on gmail(google hangouts), twitter, yahoo mail, blogger, or what ever other sites you are a part of. 

Again, thank you for taking your time to read my poem! :)

Elisha Chipare

I like this poem but what is the real (full) name of the author?


With all due respect, I would prefer to remain anonymous. However, if you dont mind me asking, why is my"full" name relevant?

Best regards,



This is a really awesome poem!


Thank you so very much!:) I am extremely happy that you enjoyed this  poem!


Nice Poem, Your the first poem bro that I've read on this site


I am so honored by your compliment and I take pride in knowing that I have left a good impression of the type of work you might expect to find on this site. I look forward to reading your work as well. 


This is lovely, dear <3


Thank you :)


really good and really true.



I appreciate your support. Thank you :)

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