Now and later

I wish I couldI wish I could N if I got the gift from God or a curse from Satan then with it I would But I can't right nowDon't have a plan right nowStill growing up but the fam need me to be a man right nowBut I'm not a man right now not successful enough to be the man right now I don't understand it how Everyone's complacent nowEveryone's lazy nowN me I feel like how good I do in school determines the fams faith that we make it out Right now we're not makin it outI'm too focused on making out Gettin girls to say take me outSince no body does I guess we're stuck here. For now So much stress wish some body would take me outEither 9 roses or a 9 shots from a 9right nowCan't stand up, don't have a spine right nowCan't stand up, don't have a spine right now To say there's no denyin right nowIf we stay here we're gonna die withoutSeeing the light before we die somehow And if that's not ya goal then u should die right now  I'm in a place of knowledge not knowing who I amBut it's got me thinkin too much of how to be the manNot a man but the manThe kind Uncle Sam claims he'll understand But the price for all the riches is my soul But aye man, I'd rather be a man than yes man Right now I just want to be aloneThat's the road we live to die forThat road that leads to that throneOnly to find and empty heart and a crown of thorns I don't want to be alone I'll die that way but in life i don't have to be that wayI can make friends when I think I'm on my ownTo grab my hand as I grab my fams n say Just hold on we're going Home    

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My family
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