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Is grey your favorite color? The shade of stagnation The memory of disappointment The sky on the worst of days   Grey like the colors of your heart The grey from stormy clouds
Love is a trap. Love gets a bad rap. But why not? You do what you don’t ought. Just like me, you’ll see. I met someone by accident. I quickly thought it was meant to be. That we were destined.
Doll House September 6, 2018 ~ Thursday Winter in the heart Blue as the sea Off the windy coast of Maine A little mermaid in waiting
Dear Grey, The stormy clouds, The people you enshroud To the color of a dull and blunt blade   You are the dusk, The color of dust You are the rocks on the bottom of a rough river, 
There are no big memories, Because I can't exist in the small. Im tired of walking in between the two, Trying not to fall,   I can walk a million miles in an inch, Because my world is so small,
Dolphin Gray -  The color of my favorite  Crayola Crayon  At six years old slightly blue-tinted gray catching my eye
I look into his eyes and See a fantasy world. Filled with unique colors... Colors not yet identified.   Shy sparks of blue Hide beneath his smile. They light up the sky
Gray is the storm cloud on the horizen threatening to release a monsoon of rain upon us gray is the sliver hairs draped upon a wise man's head
Twilight snuck up on daylight Like a hunter to its prey Replacing light with shadows Painting the city in shades of grey
Mom lights a candle A diya, a lamp I have to choose Red or blue   Voices of reason Larger, louder
1.     He was born on the 10th of June, the year 2015.
Like fresh leaves after a storm frost My feelings for you have taken a set deposit of raindrops Like vivaciously gentle sunshine on a crisp January day My soul is fresh torn away from the threads left by you
My Life, I've always faced conflicts and bad luck, I never can find myself happy for a full month, not even a full week, better yet a whole 24hrs, But I hold on,
I am a dark Black and a blinding White,
When I look up; I see emptiness, When I look down; I see limits, When I look straight; I see destruction & beauty, But all that changes, when it goes dark. When I look up; I see infinity,
Torn Between two, One black and the other white. Yet dull, gloomy and often unnoticed. Dismal, and outcaste are likely to be,  is exactly the reason you are for me.   To many its a sad and true emptiness, 
Be okay. No, I refuse! I tire of being okay. I want to be a fury or a muse!  Oh please, I beg of you, Let me be crude, disheveled, and nude.
They say love is red But love is gray Gray like the sky at the end of each day
Within this uncompromising maze, the faceless men in white suits force you to stumble along the path from point A to B. Tall white walls confiscate creativity and slowly strangle the unsuspecting
Now that summer washed away, and school is in full swing, I realized there's no time to play, or warmth until this spring.   I must look beyond the gray, and look for all that's good,
The first day of middle school, dread and fear. This is what started my eighth grade year.   I knew no one, not one single friend
soft and furry try not to scurry sizing up a lion we are not buying no need to freak the point is bleak we live among you its true the name you gave us
Emotions explode in a definite roar Pushing rational thoughts away Logic shatters across the marble floor Leaving nothing but cities of gray   Now as I gaze into the open door
It takes a while. Speaking. Writing. Communicating. These are all things which people take for granted. Luck. Something which does not come easily to me. Ouch! Unfortunately, this simple word is said a lot. Almost daily. Too often. Brain. Head.
Everybody is gifted in their own way So why do we try to wrap them in the same box Thinking if it works for one it works for the other but just because they are both white does not mean they are matching socks
Glistening hair as silver as the bright lit moon One's time to learn this way of life is never too soon
Down on my luck Out of my mind What's going on? I've lost track of time. Where do I go? Why can't you stay? It doesn't make sense these words that you say. What's this I hear?
My days are blurring over Everything turning into one dark grey The thoughts I think all different shades Cool, Dark. Subtle, Sudden. Shocking, Gawking… The greys chase eachother through my mind
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