Gray Area

My Life,

I've always faced conflicts and bad luck,

I never can find myself happy for a full month,

not even a full week,

better yet a whole 24hrs,

But I hold on,

I hold on to what is sadly the only thing I have,


The one I love is the one to blame for my strength,

My strength to live on,

Without my love,

I would have lost myself,

Give myself to drugs,


or simply to death,

The gray area is,

My lover is located 10,000 miles away,

approximately four states to travel through,

But I love them,

I love them for loving me,

caring and wanting me to stay here,

their confidants of us uniting gives me hope,

hope that I can escape,

Escape the hell I've faced,

so I can finally maintain happiness, 

so I can be,

Out of this Grey Area. 

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