The Color Grey

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 16:19 -- Boxes

Dear Grey,

The stormy clouds,

The people you enshroud

To the color of a dull and blunt blade


You are the dusk,

The color of dust

You are the rocks on the bottom of a rough river, 

Yet, people don't know you are unpolished silver


Why do you have to be so depressive?

Why can't you be more elated?

So I will ask you, why are you so hated?

And why can't you be more like the color blue?

Or better yet, yellow?

Instead of being so hollow.


You are dull and blunt,

Instead of the sharpness of red,

Is it because of what people said?

So why don't you be more upfront?


Yet you are much more than you seem,

As you are what separates the darkness of black

From the light of the white

As there will always be an inbetween,

And because of that, you are more important than you seem.



Ethan B.

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