Love is Gray

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 01:08 -- CJS

They say love is red

But love is gray

Gray like the sky at the end of each day

Gray like the sheets on which we lay

Drenched in the love that pours out our pores

Drenched like the murmurs muffled behind closed doors

What was once innocent and white

becomes tarnished and gray in the night

They say love is red

But love is gray

They say it is red like the blood

that flows from my veins to my heart

but if that's what they think then they do not know

where my love starts

Love is gray like the bones that have built me

It is more than these silly red veins that have filled me

They say love is red

But love is gray

No other color explains why

I feel this way

For shallow is the meaning

of the color red

soaking in our sheets and cheeks

bringing lovers to our beds

For gray is more eternal

almost etched in stone

Gray is the ghost of your lover

even after they have gone

They say love is red

and they search for the color every day

But they will never find it

For love is gray



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