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Tick Tok Rise and Set You’ll never know Who you just met   Pinch yourself, wake up You won’t escape us It’s what forms us
Plug ‘em in your ears, feel the vibes You might wanna bring ‘em along for a long, long ride Feel the smoothness and rhythm in your chest Volume ALL the way up – is how to enjoy it best
I'm as as awesome as they come I don't mean to be to a brag  But I made it through everything in life Even when I didn't receiver a bag and a tag I made it through being called a loner and a weirdo
By the breaking of dawn, the bright lays of sun penetrates the sky unto us, 
My awesome child, You always make me smile, Motivating me to go the extra mile, As you enter a new life full of bliss, I want you to remeber this, My child, my child,  you are awesome,
What to expect when things get out of hand?  You turn towards the thingn that has been there since you were brought to this land.  All living beings, the birds, the trees. Something more incredible than our life it seems.
Through years of sorrow and so much pain I thought I’d never see the day When everything changed
Many things are great in life, and as true as this may be, not many can overcome disaster quite the way that nature can.   Untouched by humans, yet so interconnected they are so.
When some people think of the word awesome, They think of winning the lottery,
Mistakes clutter my past in piles of trash. Like shattered glass in overgrown grass— Though not apparent at a first glance, Whenever given the slightest chance My mistakes will rudely raise their voices
She was shy, soft spoken, and last but not  least she was cautious. Her love for others
     Mom do you remember singing the ants go marching every time I was scared or had a nightmare?
"A Villanelle with Initiative" Look at the rising sun, Kissing the earth with rays, Who will I be when it’s done? Calm and pure as a nun, Mature beyond my days, Look at the rising sun.
Something good something bad, something terrible something sad,
Inspirational inspirations draw pictures in my
Everything is awesome you say? how dare you say something vague if everything is awesome nothing will inspire awe let me tell you something amazing the way my girlfriend draws
I went to the counsler they asked me what i wanted to be what i wanted to do "this is your future" they say but they never ask "Who" sometimes what you do isn't who you are a lot of times its hard:
We can find the awe in everything
As the broken hearts and tears surround me As the loud lonely cries besiege me I see the light through the cracks  I feel the love through pain As the stormy clouds gather As the broken shards lay
Todo es maravilloso Everyting ire Everthing is awesome! No matter the language it is true The way the earth moves fills me with glee The way the trees grow That is my serenity. 
We live in a world where knowledge is hated. Where the very existence of our people is constantly reminded of hatred.
Alarm goes off, "Ring! Ring! Ring." In the shower I sing, "Goodmoring!"
Theatre is a sanctuarymy place of worship.
There's this place that is my favorite, It is big and spacious and at times loud, A gathering place for most to tell about their lives. Laughter and tears are shared here, hugs and love are common.
Everything is awesome. You might ask “why?” Finding reasons is simple For one as awesome as I. I have a roof over my head And some shoes on my feet. I have coats for the winter
My Palms are Always Sweaty   I have ten pimples on my face and I almost never brush my hair.
Believe             No matter what you do, no matter what you feel             Never stop believing.             Happiness comes from within,             And joy comes from life.
Plug ‘em in your ears, feel the vibes You might wanna bring ‘em along for a long, long ride Feel the smoothness and rhythm in your chest Volume ALL the way up – is how to enjoy it best
The touch of a hand A joke in the dark Secrets be told Midnight laughter   Tears drop from the eyes They dampen the shirt A warm, lingering embrace Needed comfort  
The things I like are plentiful, And now I shall name a few. Because liking things is wonderful, Both for me and you I like dogs and cats And literate rats Pretty skirts and dresses,
In… Out…, In…Out… Breath, Kari. Just breath In… Out…, In…Out… From greatness you have been conceived   The internal pressure steadily rises And threatens to implode
I thought and drew The plan for my life No struggle to see   Clear and planned  Determination, demmand A straight path ahead Nothing to fear Creeping over like fog
You say I never smile when I look at you But it's because these feelings in my chest are petrifying Like hospital shocks after death
A  journey with possibilities as endless as the waters of the sea.  W e are all sailors, and  E ver since birth, each of us have set S ail on this boundless voyage, this beautiful exploration. 
I couldn't be happier than I am with you. Your hand in mine, warm and soft. You pulled me in close, But not close enough, your heartbeat sounding as if It were a work of Beethoven as you spun me
Please dont tell me I'm pretty when I can see your eyes flicker towards her when the words leave your lips. Please don't tell me you love me when you're looking at me but thinking of her.
It's the little things in life, those aha moments, that are awesome.   Approaching a red light as it turns green. A person holding the door for you. Butterflies in your stomach. The smell of fresh coffee.
You've been walking long Cheap, hard, a bad life  Shady friends, cigarettes and hard liquor  I know you want to rage  I know you want happiness, and it's on its way  
Everything's not awesome! Well... sometimes... Things get you down, Ointment's full of flies. I was once told  By Maya Angelou That nothing's gonna work Until I do. When everything sucks
Poetry is my words. On Paper, I have a cascading waterfall, And I can run freely, Like being released to natural habitat   I can write about childhoods torn away, Not by the monsters under our beds,
Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam More often than not Dullness is bought People settle for and accept The subpar, the inept But, with the world my muse
Life can be a real bully. Hits me day and night, breaks our spirits and makes me cry. Well guess what, I stand up real high to the sky and say to my pains goodbye. My family is my medicine because im always with a smile, feeling like a child.
Sometimes we look up and the sky is gray Sometimes we wonder when the pain will go away But what we sometimes forget Is that the sun will rise on another day   And what if the sun was want to stay?
I am f*cking awesome
Looking out of my window adventure is what I seek. Life is outside of this house that encloses me. The birds soar and fly free. Their passionate song inspires me.
I have only created a few chapters that I admire. I want money, power, and to travel where I desire. The need for a new setting will change all I currently know.
Niandra lades and I was writing in your t-shirt Listening to you talk about the love we left in the desert I was making love to the things I still believe 
Awesome, What does it mean to be awesome? It means to be yourself
You cannot score without taking a shot life is a scoreboard so give it all that you got fundementals are key when dribbling against hate pass the ball when you are in trouble and make a mistake
One day I recieved a gift, i realized giving was awesome...so now i give to my community I decided to give a flower to my mother, and she smiled so bright
I hope everybody reads this, especially the teachers who gave up on me in school.
You say everything is awesome. But do you really know? Have you been down so far, you fear theres nowhere left to go? Have you thought theres no brighter day? Or that nothing will go your way.
Awful things keep happening  Worry fills all of my bones Edgy around things that are unknown Subdued because of scary things Outcast like the hole in the ozone Morose pours out for the things known
I'm in love with my hair and my eyes.  I'm in love with my smile and my sweet thoughts. 
Nothing is ever terrible, So some might always say. We have clothes upon our backs,
The Fox It was a hot Spring day in May The ground was as hot as a scorching hot blaze Then they brought forth my baby She was a young foxy lady Bearing the resemblance of a fox
I never asked to be loved widely, Merely deeply. I never asked for a million and a half lovers and life partners, Just one. One to hold me as I cry. One to tell me it's okay to fail, just try. One to help me move in the right direction.
Eyes are our passageways to see the world In one simple movement, eyes reveal a kingdom of color and life from a realm of darkness
It's raining, so you get all gloomy but you forget that all good things come after a storm passes. Rainbows are beautiful and yet they're frowns don't get yourself down because one bad moment doesn't mean a bad life.
Life is great, life is fine, life is the peak toward my heavenly devine. life has its ups,  and also its downs, but with God day by day ill live the life of mine. yes i  weep
Pressing On You see life is strange with its twists and its turns
Since when has the size on a pair of jeans determined success? What happened to books and education being good enough? Am I not good enough? Not good enough because a test told me so or because the world told me I was?
Some things in life are awesome to look forward tosuch as a cookout with friends and familyor a trip to the mall for a fun-filled day of shoppingEveryone has something awesome to look forward to
The Road of Life The Bible is like a cannonball, along the road of life. It teaches us right from wrong and cuts like a knife.
You are the Moon
"Batter Up!" Is what they say, when you set up to stand before the field of play. I never thought I'd see the day, The day I ran it all the way.   I made it to first base, I had won my first race.
Amazingly, We think Everything can't be awesome. Sometimes, we Ought to remember Maybe Everything can be...
The long warm days
It was one breath,
I am not your friend So do not seek me.
My feet sink into the earth, Like an old man in his favorite chair. Microscopic life tickles between my toes Leaving a sense of clarity and peace. The air tousles and textures my hair,
A W E S O M E.. one, two, three---seven Seven letters, but so much meaning It's not a metaphor, not a kenning...
I went to a job interview They divided us up into two groups,  Asked us to write a list of traits Traits a bad restuarant would have Words poured out of us "Bad service" "Dirty place"
  The meaning of life is to just be alive it is so plain and simple, yet everybody rushes around in great panics as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves it is scary the way the world can swallow you
A yes or a no A smile, a frown A laugh, a cry A dance party, a crack den Life is what you make of it Make it a crap fest or a never ending festival of celebration Life is filled choices Choices
Expectations, drama, relationships, The things teens deal with everyday. Insecurities take over our being much to our dismay. But once in a while, we achieve something great, No one can stop us
It's the cruelest of sport But it ain't played a court You hurt, you hate, you take My self, my truth, my sake Yes you are God; school is your heaven With your almighty there is no lovin'
The idea of FOOD
Nothing is awesome Wait, let me clarify Annihilation can blossom    Naught, blank, nix, zero, zip Nothing can be awesome As a new perspective starts to flip   Archimedes rejects,
How do we know who we are, how do we claim to know, really? I am a boy who thinks too much, but not enough, not nearly.
Awesome can be a helping hand, or a soft handful of white sand.  Awesome can be finding true love, or buying a brand new softball glove. Awesome can be the money you make at work,
I remember those tulips you once had How beatiful they'd been I remember those tulips you once had How they'd give me that silly little grin
  Migrating through the air. Uttering sweet nothings into your ear. Sensationalizing the senses as your skin grows cold.
You sometimes tuck yourself into bed to hide from society. You sometimes ask yourself why everything seems so hard. You sometimes write, complain, and cry into your diary. 
She was the best comforter She knew what to say, and who to say it to. I remember coming home off the bus and into her arms when I was little. She would kiss my cheek and ask me “How was your day?”
It is pretty hard to say, what makes me awesome this way. Maybe I could say my hair, maybe it's the clothes I wear? No, I wouldn't agree with that at all, what makes me awesome is actually small!
What makes me awesome is that I am me The only me that I want to be I could look at everything in the world for hours And then my mind takes power Nature speaks to my eyes And books speak to my mind
I'm strong, smart and sassy, 
I just dont UNDERSTAND 13,14,15  Worried about boyfriends and girlfriends as if its a cool thing 13,14,15 All i wanted was my mom to let me hang out with friends But today everything is different 
Why Is Everything Awesome: Some say the world is full of hate That your personality will not blossom 
I think it's awesome but sometimes I tend to complain about it. But, my family, It's an aspect of life. I couldn't live without it. Yes, it has it ups and downs.
Breeze Brushing gently Across small shards of verdant life. Spinning, whirling, They whisper to each other.   Apollo’s arrows pierce through
Do you find yourself in the night
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