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I was always a wolf. Before you loved me, And after you left. Just because i was tame, doesn't mean i forgot my fangs. 
I see it licking its lips. Glowing red eyes in the woods staring at a calf; a small growl came;the wind  is howling. I stroll to see Goldie. 
You better howl if you wanna be heard, wolf, Sing it even if it sounds absurd, wolf, Change is everything—now watch her turn, wolf,
What color red is she, I say. Her fur so shining-smooth.   It bounces and rolls like waves of water, crashing as she runs through the night.   The ginger envelops the currant
Sallow, sickly trees Hide the cunning wolf from view; Lurking in the dark  
Blood red words My stinging cheek A silver knife hides behind you eyes   This is not what I want A small seedling should grow into a tree
For me,  you were a miracle,  a secret,  untouchable, youthful, my favorite metaphor, but it turned into the darkest poem, you took what I had to give, until there was nothing left,
The sound of growling crawls its way from The dark of the forest, accompanied by Faint, weak cries of hunger. A mother sets forth. “There is no more time. With nearly
double double, toil and trouble... the firelight quivers with every rumble; the old woman's hands stir up the pot; the air is stale with the smell of rot--  
If I were a poet, you would surely know it, Even though this poet, will not show it, He loves to go for it, so here we go. Once upon a time, In a world so clean, with the sky so blue,
Little Red and the Wolf Once upon a time somewhere far, far in the woods there lived a little Girl in Red who was raised to be "good".   How good? Very good.
We all are not one as they say, I hold only what I may, I am an animal- No..Literally I am, Nothing but a beast among beasts, Chained even amongsts animals as the "judge" decrees,
Once upon a time in a land faraway Lived a little Old Lady in the middle of the wood. Now this Old Lady had left the village long ago For she did not care what the villagers were tellling her that she should.
I was big and strong But the outside showed me all wrong New town new people I was told "go make friends" But I went through so many bends Piggie piggie piggie They thought I was icky 
Once upon a time there was a young girl in trouble She needed to pay for college but she had no money So she crafted up a devious plan It was so disturbing and dark she could not bring herself to say it out loud
Hunger drives anyone mad. Food used to be plenty. Water never-ending. Then humans came.   Trees chopped. Food hunted down to no end. The pack chopped down. Soon it was only me.
Once upon a time A wolf was abandoned by his mother. With no sisters nor brothers, He became a family of one. Days of roaming alone became weeks. Then months. Then years.
oh, the wild winds wail the moon howls and the air stills what does a father do when his youngest asks for a flower?   the father comes across on his return trip home
Like blood matting fur, the hunger stems down the spine, sweetest torment. And echoes in fear, a flash, blind Contrast – the forest awash with red, swirling, the scent in the breeze, buzz
One fine day in village keep A boy so young and free, Went out into the forest deep  To play amongst the trees.   And when he cried out "wolf!" if sacred The people came to aid,
The Wolf Why am I always seen as the enemy? So what I ate granny? She was behind on her business. She hasn’t paid The Boss for her house
Once upon a time In a land of song and rhyme Was a girl named Little Red With a hood upon her head Who traveled through the wood Carrying all the cookies that she could To Grandma’s comfy home
A ravenous hunger A wolf I am Creeping up on it's prey   Silent but so deadly Stalking the night It's good to be afraid   A girl I used to be A wolf I am
The Land of Trees A Place that's quite green. Filled with lush and so many hearts. The beauty it offers is a luxury. Nature is so vast... there is so much we can do. But I warn you...
You’re my best friend-  what should have been a modest prank turned into a sick plan that left me squandering energy for your own entertainment.    You played me like a puppet 
I... developed into a wolf of smart solitude I... lurked in the background not seen nor heard I...
Late one night, not far away; A lost light wanders, trying to find the day. She moans and wails, completely lost; Her mind is ailed, heretics at deathly cost.  
Each day is a constant struggle. Whether I am gasping for breath
A wolf alone in the wood, Not by choice but by cruel fate, A social animal without a pack, A mind consumed by hate.   Will you not take in the wolf? No, of course, no one would,
Abandonment... Insecurity Self-doubt Has paved roads Created an army Constructed a masterpiece. Instead of trapping Caging My conscience  It's built and mustered forth courage
  Wolves grace along      in packs, the      beauty of their      fur ruffle in      the wind, snow,      and sun rays.  All so bright,      the wolf touches
The days slowly creep past me, so suddenly And as the deepest orange sunray peek upon the horizon before making its appearance.. I'm alive
Lone Wolf   Wandering among a forest of pines And through the chilling snow Trying to find a place of warmth
      as I lay Prints, forward; the distance   as I drift, lone wolf,
In the powerful grace,and the strong family ties,lies the gracefull wolf.
soft and furry try not to scurry sizing up a lion we are not buying no need to freak the point is bleak we live among you its true the name you gave us
I am awake yet not conscious, Held captive in the no man's land between Consciousness and Oblivion. The hours stretch on and on And yet, peace still does not come.
I Am The Wolf, Quite And Sleek,  You'll Never Find Me, No Matter How Long You Seek.   I Hide In The Shadows, For You No Not Witch One, But I'll Make Sure You See Me Smiling,
Whichever wolf you feed is the one that lives. How am I supposed to be       positive amidst this mess? When I don’t belong here. When I can’t afford a ride home.
Growing up, I was trained just like a dog, With a conscious as blurry as the deepest fog, My tail wagged eagerly at the voices of authority, Who convinced me that what school, church, and the news told me,
Somber eyes full of tearslittle red was lostfar worse than she feared
Mr. Sly, your master plan congealed; the thrill of playing the two-tier game is a flaring, formidable forcefield, are gruesome goosebumps hard to tame that fixate instinct on this path
Once there was a little girl. That is how this story began. She was a lost little girl, confused by the world around her. She had gone into a forest. Deep, deep into the forest she went.
His aria echoes within the mountains deep, His proud voice praises the strength of beasts. And there he stands on the mountain’s peak, The wolf howls there on this night so bleak.  
you took an eraser to my heart and now all that's left are the words you painted with every sweet sentence. 
First a sighting that feels… Odd. Something is coming. Not rapidly, But gradually, Allowing time to prepare.
Walk into this luminous HazeHowl into this starlit nightGrowl in the clutches of Ebony
Oh, I’m here waiting for youWith a devil on my shoulderAnd an angel embedded in my heart
Howl   His orders I cannot defy His existence I cannot not deny His presence alone I’m permitted to call home
Glistening hair as silver as the bright lit moon One's time to learn this way of life is never too soon
Crunching bones, shifting muscles.
His white muzzle is concealed in crimson The rogue at his feet heaves its last breath Sure of its death he limps away Back to his pack He must defend them Whatever the cost Blood drips from a leg
Growling, prowling, and everything inside me… its seizure shaking My whole body entwining with the movements of the wind, fire, earth... my soul quaking
His yellow eyes stare at me knowingly He bares his fangs at me in a smile Taunting me Running ever so quickly, ever so quietly His silver-gray fur overshadowed by the trees Answering the call for the hunt
In the dead of the night, The wolf pranced through the trees His jaws were clamped While his body weaved The wolf was a brute With a thirst to fight.   As the first opponent took his place
Late night thoughtsWandering lostThe wolf howls over the silence Black hole heartEmotions exhaustWalking aimlessly through the dark Stares for changeWondering costForest scrapes the tired skin
Love is blind yet it sees the most Are you fearful because you can't run away when you're uncomfortable? The beast in you is the monster in me You tear me to pieces but it sets me free
In the black of night, A mournful song pierces the silence. Crying to the moon, The beast lifts his head once more. His yellow eyes glow, Stars fallen from the heavens
Hopes and dreams crash like a meteor falling The outcome is inevitable, so why are you stalling? You knew what would happen; who would win How could anyone love you? You’ve committed too many a sin.
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