Red Innocence

Sun, 08/20/2017 - 11:27 -- Trayjay

Once upon a time there was a young girl in trouble

She needed to pay for college but she had no money

So she crafted up a devious plan

It was so disturbing and dark she could not bring herself to say it out loud

She truly believed it was the only way even if it wasn't right

The plan was

She had to kill her grandmother

The will would help the young girl 

She would inherit so much money

She could finally pay for her dreams to actually come true

There was so much money that she wouldn't even have to worry about student loans

The young girl went to her grandmother's house 

Wearing all black and a red hood  to cover the blood if it came to that

When she entered the house her grandmother was asleep

The young girl took a nearby pillow and put it over her grandmother's head

She did not let go until her grandmother stopped breathing

As the body laid there

a knock was heard from the door

The young girl jumped out a nearby window

Then she heard a wolf cry 

She ran into the house and acted like this was the first time she saw the scene

She screamed at the wolf 

"You killed my grandmother"

The wolf was speechless but shook his head no many times

He then screamed

"I love her!"

But the young girl was obviously not having it

She called the police

And the rest is history 


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