A Wolf I Am

We all are not one as they say,

I hold only what I may,

I am an animal- No..Literally I am,

Nothing but a beast among beasts,

Chained even amongsts animals as the "judge" decrees,

It seems like a mirage indeed,

Since we cannot walk on two.. or at least it should't be so,

Yet you piggies dare say "but do we do"

"Such a fib." I thought-

Until I caught that very sight,

"I must have gone mad" I repeated,

Maybe that's why you dared say I am a neusance,

But only because you are weak,

You tried to hide from my two big eyes and four big feet,

For it is nature that has you seeked,

Because when it comes down to piggies and big teeth...there is no way reality will be beat,

For I know my nose knows where you all be,

Since it is quite extreme-

Or as that judging little red traspasser says "big"- because it truly is,

As she says to everything...but still she thinks she knows best,

Without that hood you can see her real self,

If only you knew that hood of hers started out anything but red-

Since the real reason she couldn't tell I from her granny was because she was mauled by three damned bears,

So much so red became all you could see and so Red became her new name,

For you see a wise wolf I truly am,

And it has nothing to do with smarts but more with the truths that have caused more than a spark,

It has cursed my life to not be so "down" to the words written down,

For that hoodied blond made a grave mistake that faithful day when her mom practically digged up her very grave,

The grandma was quite ill with a big fat will,but the child was her very and only thrill,

So why not send her to the bears? Or better yet to a wolf that here and then enjoys a nice dress in bed,

-Of topic? Maybe..but I thought you should know, now back to all-

They all yell and taunt because they actually WANT us to snap,

Only to sue us with one little tap,

The police were called with the pigs indeed,

But hey what was I supposed to do? Nature is our one true law of course,

Or was it just mine and never yours? Maybe because you knew it went worse for all you boars,

Although I must admit being seen as a meal is no sweet deal,

But my dear squealers you must know a wolf cannot forever survive on one poorly fed sow,

To eat is one shared need we have,

Who can blame I who just figured out their fate was a sadly drawn skit,

It should have made sense-

Pigs on two feet and self built homes,

Bears with two parents who sleep in two separate beds under one big dome,

Propaganda? maybe..but who am I to blame?

Oh right! Just a wolf I be...

A wolf written in to just be plain mean.

Just part of a so called fairytale, that's true indeed


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