Lone Wolf


Growling, prowling, and everything inside me… its seizure shaking

My whole body entwining with the movements of the wind, fire, earth... my soul quaking

My back against the wall, I got dead man screams rising in the pit of my stomach... the very reason my belly aching

When I finally move everything inside me slowly separating, to the point of where my everything feel is breaking

My memories they slowly coming back, they reaching from the back of my mind and wrapping my body into a barbed cocoon…

They rock my head into a soothing rock, with the illest memories, they start to sooth me into a mimicking rhythm, but I just might be mistaking

My darkest days engulf my soul, my howls turn to screams...

And as I drop to my knees and become one with the ceramic tiling

Just like the sound, my dreams start shattering
And as I fall face forward, I reach out and my hands the only thing that seems to be balancing me

Locked in a room, all alone and confused, what’s one to do, when the only one left to cry to is the moon?

The unbound door, that’s literally in arms reach, the only thing that seem to be stopping me

And my past memories hold me back, wrapping my present, as if it was a present around me

With a bow so tight that now my life is even walking out on me

As I reach for the door right above me, the stars seem closer in reach

I try to shake my memories, that’s now surrounding me, and now im drowning in my own manmade dead sea

My hands start shaking, my body still aching, it feel like I wouldn’t be closer to death if I was in a bed

And im moving with the motions, and im tired of fighting, this time I just let it happen instead

As my mind try to dance around the fact that this just might be the end

My stomach start churning, and I know it’s about to begin

My neck stretch high to the sky, and my body, on all fours, seem to reach for the moon

As my eyes flood themselves in a flash without warning

The only question on my mind , am I gonna see the the morning?

From the lowest point of my stomach, to the point it brushed my ovaries

The only the thing that seem to leave me in one piece is a sorrow filled howl

But it was the sweetest sound that I ever could concoct, the sweetest thing that was in me

I shake my head not once, but twice, and I start to awaken, from the over occurring dream

My life start to flash before me, and in that moment I realize why they always use tease me

Why I was always alone, and the only thing that seemed to be there for me was the taunting moon

Stuck inside of me, breathing, while im feeding it with only my untamable memories

Was a Lone Wolf, the only thing that seemed to be keeping me from fulfilling all my wildest dreams.


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