Nature Vs Humans

I Am The Wolf,

Quite And Sleek, 

You'll Never Find Me,

No Matter How Long You Seek.


I Hide In The Shadows,

For You No Not Witch One,

But I'll Make Sure You See Me Smiling,

When I've Won.

Dark And Mysterious,

You'll Think Your Delirious,

As You Try Make People Think Your Serious.


Your A Fool To Trick Me, 

Because When I Strike, I Do it Quickly,

So Fast You'll Never Even Get A Chance Hit Me.


I'll Mess With Your Mind, 

Tear You To Shreds,

And Leave Sleeping Forever In Your Own Permanent Bed.

For I Am The Wolf,

Warrior Of The Night,

So Challenge Me I Dare You,

We'll See Who Has The Worst Bite.


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