The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

One fine day in village keep

A boy so young and free,

Went out into the forest deep 

To play amongst the trees.


And when he cried out "wolf!" if sacred

The people came to aid,

But when the people came and stared

The boy only remained.


Was he joking? No one knew

But displeased, oh yes, they were.

For maybe just the little boy

Was not that very pure. 


Then they left him to his play

And sure enough a din,

A loud and boisterous "wolf!" came through

To make the crowd go in again.


And sure enough, what did they find,

A boy so young a free

Was standing there amongst the woods

A wolf not to be seen. 


The people mad as they could be

Strolled off now to be sure

They would not ever try to see

This wolf he had procured. 


And now the moment had arrived,

Where wolf the boy did meet

And so he cried a loud cry "wolf!" 

But no one came to see.


The real tale goes that he was toast

Such things are very grim.

But truly the tale rather goes

The wolf was man's best friend. 


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