Ascetic Contemplation

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 21:42 -- Izzy776


Abandonment... Insecurity


Has paved roads

Created an army

Constructed a masterpiece.

Instead of trapping


My conscience 

It's built and mustered forth courage

spawned wisdom

forged strengh

It has created the ultimate unique being

While I've been ignored



I've grown immune

To the anger

To the displeasure of others

As they mean nothing to me

I can stand on top

Alone with the few I'm fond of

I can stand with my dreams

And I can believe there is nothing wrong with the world

I have the power that no one else has

The power to deny myself the "responsibility" of reviewing

The power to deny the need that everyone has of fitting in

The power to tell myself, "I don't need to be like them"

This is why I believe i'm superior

To those who obsess themselves with appearances

Because I am unique

In skills and in mindset



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