Mon, 07/01/2013 - 14:32 -- moko371

His yellow eyes stare at me knowingly
He bares his fangs at me in a smile
Taunting me Running ever so quickly, ever so quietly
His silver-gray fur overshadowed by the trees
Answering the call for the hunt
There is no hesitation
One deer is cornered, whimpering
Knowing what fate befalls it
Praying for mercy
The yellow eyes sparkle greedily, hungrily
Has the deer ever wronged him?
Has the deer ever sacrificed for him?
There is only indifference for it
He has never thought about it before
But still, the wolf's stomach growls with hunger
His kin looks at him with disapproval
There are no hesitations
The deer begs and pleads with him
But to no avail
With a howl, he ends the poor creature's pain
The copper smell rises again
Silently, he strides back to his home
Silver-gray fur matted with bright red blood
He ponders over the deer
Just for a second
Only for a fleeting moment
And then he returns
Returns to his life
To his life of freedom
Mocking me
Ready for the hunt


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