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  It is a pity I had to leave, without your consent. How else could I grieve? Everything I saw in you to conceive stripped my development. It is myself I must deceive
Oh hello old friend, Long time no see. Are you here to inspire me?   You left me locked in an empty cage You didn’t listen to a single plea. 
Why do we stray so far into the evils that men do? It is in a flash of lightning, so awesome and striking, It is there before our eyes and then it bids adieu.   Our answer to the Devil's question is overdue.
Some situations seem less than ideal. Some men will meet a stranger braced to fight. Just brace thyself and talk with sheathed steel.  
She should have let her brother go instead But Bellona had set her heart outbound As she could not stand for unjust bloodshed   With sign raised high and fist above her head 
Through the hollows, into the grey Across the rolling hills of pain Run all night till the darkest day.  When shadows behind the mists play Charge forward to the silent rain
We see the stars not empty space When looking at the nighttime sky; Dark will not win, it won't erase.   We turn our cheek, sun on our face
I cannot get it any other way Here I can breathe the way I can’t there As I watch the surface shimmer away   Please let me come back to the light of day I do not need this, I do not care
Is voting the only time you’re able to truly validate your voice? I’ve heard about the police brutality, the shootings, food insecurity But turning 18 is not the only time you get to make a choice  
The Demons Before the Dawn: an ode to Chester Bennington    The weight of the world drags on into discomforting space when you just yearned for the first light of dawn.  
She loves me most when I’m Not too close. How bizarre How I was once innermost Far, Below Her navel- a scar,
Institutes of red-golden desert heat, Of heaven and of hell, both calm and storm, The rotten thrones of summer don’t rule me.   Flickering midnight jives, my fairy feet Dance in fetid, humid air, July-warm.
I'm living life as if a dying tree. I find myself corroding with the days. A rot inside that nobody can see.   My instincts are no longer trustworthy. Suppose that is why caring sometimes pays.
The darkness never fades away It fills my soul and my heart No more skies of blue, it's only skies of gray Dragging on and on every single day Bloodshot eyes and heavy limbs The darkness never fades away
I am still while the world turns beneath me. The weight of my sorrow does not slow its spin, for soft words cannot calm a tumultuous sea.   I do not listen to the wind twisting the trees
Blazing fires are the only light Down here in the dark These flames are all that's in my sight   Heat is something you can not fight In this place where rebellion is dimmed
Once upon a time, there was a kiss that changed the world A lovestruck prince kissed the sleeping princess and broke the seven year curse cast upon the land
Is this the land of the free?This is not true for all,Fortunately it has for me. Other people will agreeThat prejudice can make you bawl.Is this the land of the free? Banding together is the keyFamily does nat let you fall,Fortunately it has for m
You know the mind is not always right What we find to be more true is that The heart is truly more bright   You can keep on searching and searching Wasting time after time but
I’d like to get lost in my dreams If only they weren’t so horrendous Yet nothing can be as it seems   My mind often teems With thoughts so stupendous
In the dawn of the morning lightTheir eyes glance up, hold fast, and meet.She floods his senses, fills his sight.
It is extreme joy and heartache You remember how it was before everything had changed The throbbing feeling clenches at your weary soul  
A thousand voices shout Fill her with distrust and doubt Hazy whispers flow in her head Come to take her in their stead   Suffocating under
In the land of everlasting night The Sun and Earth twirl and sway Spinning aroung in fantastic flight   The Earth basking in his glorious light In a dance so graceful and gay
We cannot say what we are not,  
All you do is hurt me. Your actions are evil and so are you. I don’t know if I’ll ever be free.   You are so abusive and beastly.
Were I to never think before I act, Misfortune would abound incessantly. My reason is what keeps my life intact.   It’s what I hold most dear in life, in fact I know what poor decisions there could be
Its way too loud to think right now my friend. My many worries start to bring me fear; I’m scared because it's all about to end.   The little worries I may try to mend;
Give me freedom or give me death  -That is something I won't say   But take my beliefs and I'll have nothing left     I'd rather you take my possessions instead
Stay away; do not go in.  Cold cruel eyes beckon you to Dance in darkness drenched in sin. Though they promise rewards within— Food and drink and love anew—
Do you not hear the call of the sea? The tidal pull and soulful sway: A strain on the heart which longs to be free. “Let us spend summer in Grand Isle”, said he, “Days in the sun we’ll waste away,
I have sent you a dove, It carries to you a note, Telling you of my love.   I want to tell you of above, The skies giving our planet a coat.
I have sent you a dove, It carries to you a note, Telling you of my love.   I want to tell you of above, The skies giving our planet a coat.
Mother fails. Denies. Cries. Unused to failure, she is forced to admit He won’t apologize.   It took me awhile to finalize The difference between “hypocrite” And “illness.” Mother cries.  
Liz   It’s in the morning that I think of you I can’t seem shake the feeling in my chest Though I thought I was breaking through
that necklace is pretty.though i was told to stay away,i can’t wait to put it on me.i have a burning desire to flee;i’ve been here since last May.... that necklace is pretty.
Here’s to you for tearing me down. I can’t believe I ever wondered If this is the end.   It’s like there’s no room to breathe. The light dissipates as we’re plundered.
Everytime I see you my heart skips a beat. Everytime I smell you my mouth waters. Everytime I touch you my fingers tingle. Everytime I kiss you I get butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Everytime I close my eyes I see you.
In a changing world one constant must stand  One solid stone that promises to last Persistence and peace must go hand in hand   Hard work is but a completed demand Doing nothing makes time fly by too fast
Pay no attention to these tears See only the plastered smile I must ignore my fears.   This done-up makeup will soon smear These nails were once in perfect file. Pay no attention to these tears.
She smelled like wet roses With the weight of her words Heavier than golden kisses.   In a pocket full of ashes, We danced naked in vineyards. She smelled like wet roses.  
A Villanelle dedicated to my best friend in all the world, who makes me smile every day!  
Radiating, eardrums ringing, loud and proud Listen up! The coach is talking That sound reverberates beyond the crowd   The uproar is so wild you can’t think aloud
It’s vital to know, the stakes I conceive Are heaven or hell, nothing or rebirth But how can I know when I must believe?  
I am going away. My time of departure is nearing. But I very much want to stay.   Will I be happy to go? Nay, I will miss dearly what I am leaving. I am going away.  
This poem right here is a villanelle And though it’s most likely a giant flop I’d like to believe that it’s kind of swell   Just how I’m writing this I now will tell You frequent the lines on bottom and top
I’m hollow without you, a lock with no key. You’re my canteen when I’m on a quest. Keyboards missing their keys is you without me.   In your absence life is flavorless, water without tea.
I said, “I only had one, just one beer.”They trusted me to drive them home that night.I said, “I’m fine; there is nothing to fear.”  
Sitting alone in the shadowy shade, After I made the permeable space I must wait for the others for the darkness fade.   I appear first like the ace of spades,
Laying on her bed, full of dreadful tears "Please stop crying," her son said in dismay. No one understands her countless fears. Memories flowed in her mind, thinking about her past years.
All unsaid words weigh upon hopeless soulsWhile the restless lie, grievously awake.The force leaves our hearts as nothing but holes.When you are alone, you just play the role
At six a.m., the world is fast asleep. The sky is dark, the air is still and cold. This grayscale world is safe and quiet and deep. I feel intrusive, chancing here to creep And break the silence--dare I be so bold?
I long to see a smile upon your face, To hear the joyous laughter that you make. With you the world is such a happy place.   One look from you my falling world will brace.
As the sun rises from its resting place
    One cannot fathom the absence of thought. Ambition & glory in cardboard hue, All that you’ve done has been done for naught.   Paint twined elegant by stroke & by blot—
She was mysteriously pedaling through the rain,There was a basket covered and attached to bike,The raincoat that she wore was blue and plain.  What destination would she find in vain?And is it really something she would like?She was mysteriously p
Life is like the music that takes you away Your body moves at the sound of a drum The steps that you take leads the way    Every leap and twirl that's where the determation lay
sneak home and pray you’ll never know   Red explosions beckon him on. In a trench filled with blood, bile and human remains,
Oh heart of mine, do you not know the mirror lies? For you are truly divine. But you dare to ask for a sign! Why do you listen to misery’s cries? Oh heart of mine. Your worth and beauty, you are blind
“Be interested,” everyone tells me,but this interest is so hard to be found;There is only apathy.
Sinking down into blue deep, Strong currents make his glum surroundings so cold. The ocean hides the tears that he tries to weep.   He had tried to resurface, but the strife was so steep.
Only with patience will you find your fate. Dear child, you must hold your faith in me. I promise this to you: I'll not be late.   If many seasons pass and still you wait,
Here to remind him of his past She stares him in the eye, Glaring, for years, it seems to last.   On his arms, by a sleeve she’s masked;
If your soul and my soul were intertwined There would be no "what could be" nor "what was." This emotion would be the most divine.
To her forbidden fruit tast’d the sweetest. The fruit she knew should never be tasted, Yet its love she wanted above the rest.
It kills him not to know where the voices come from They are an overpowering burden, a crushing weight, He waits for the day that he will grow numb
Help me as I strive to sing. My voice fails my woozy heart. The rain, to my song, it clings. The jazz, trumpet, and secret swing Appalls the ones who breathe Mozart Help me as I strive to sing.
Help me as I strive to sing. My voice fails my woozy heart. The rain, to my song, it clings. The jazz, trumpet, and secret swing Appalls the ones who breathe Mozart Help me as I strive to sing.
Everytime I see her, I fall in love again, And hope for a time when her and I can be we Slowly I close my eyes, attempting to pretend.
The South; known for its women and sweet tea Birthplace of my family and others Some have their thoughts but the south is for me
The fairy folk use fairy doors to keep their hidden world from us. So few believe the ancient lore. To sneak across our dusty floor and steal some food without a fuss the fairy folk use fairy doors.
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