Her Struggle

A thousand voices shout

Fill her with distrust and doubt

Hazy whispers flow in her head

Come to take her in their stead


Suffocating under

The weight of the world

Her ears filled with the thunder

The sounds of all the things she’s heard


Falling into the dark

She tries to fly but her wings shatter

The world has left its lasting mark

Take it all; it doesn’t matter.


Unforgiving winds blow over her

Destroying joy and stealing hope

The endless echoes of cold laughter

Push her down the dire slope.


Her cries for help go unheard

And lines of light and dark are blurred

Behind the mask of normality

Slipping away is reality.


Losing count, losing track

She’s fallen and there’s no going back

A final glance into the light

And now she knows she’s lost this fight.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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