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Unethical protocols  Juicy prompts Veiled passion Serums promise. Oxygenated clean days 
Rich indulgences entertain rich feelings I don't want to spend without sentimental meaning   But I require food, and clothes upon my body So despite my beliefs, I buy all those things shoddy  
  Why does everything have to mean anything? Because everything we hold dear Is fabricated and empty. I’m a  spec who lives on a sphere.  
The simple things She wished on little things Fine things, good things Honestly just something Something to help with the fighting Give a little power to the lightning More stamina to the running
how tragic it is that our soceity places so little value in those who have so much to say
Entering a relationship at a young age  can feel like starting a new page. Rushing something that is special can cause it to not be sentimental. 
  I weakened myself for you.   You stuck three nails in my chest  Making it hard for me to breath.  You heard me crying out for help but you acted like you could not hear.
Precious to me is he who's friendship is geater in value than any metal.   He who suffers the pangs of loneliness, self-mutilation of failure, stings of two unrequited loves, labido's growling stomach,
One last entry before the night comes to an end, One more thought before the sheep comes- Slowly one by one, A puffy little cloud strutting aimlessly Above an unsurfaced ground. One last note to play-
The competitive season is over, But the training is not. I think there’s so much value In becoming involved in a sport Where you are involved throughout
Dear Younger Me,   If I could go back and change things I might, to undo the wrongs and make them right. But that's the thing, the very falslihood I used to believe,
Ben Franklin As he is known to the world, Is brilliant, Innovative, Admired. Americans used to know him that way too,
What does my soul want? You see if my soul wants something... The very thing that makes me, me... If it's crying out for something…
The pauper can value the coin, And the starving can value the feast, But the uneducated have no way to value the written word.
If wishes should run, chase them. If dreams get away, catch them. If goals seem far away, get closer. If life gets complicated, simplify it. If you are sad, be happy. If love is hiding, find it.
I was born a princess, there was no shame in me. I was happy and innocent, caring and free. But the years went by, I was just fourteen, A boy met my eye- he was kind, funny, and lean.
You walk into that new shop on the corner. You've never seen it before. It's inviting store windows and beautiful exterior pull you inside. What are they selling? words. 
As kids,We chose the penniesOver the dimes.We associated size with value. We didn't know that dimes are worth ten times as pennies. We thoughtIt's bigger It's worth more.As kids,
Bullets pierce the LGBTQ community  daily.   We saw the life stealing bullets in Orlando, but we forgot the spirit breaking bullets in our words.   My parents taught me about their lives.
A world dealt with the aftermath of countless lifetimes laden with crueltyA world in turmoil and controversyA world trying to expand and trying not to expandSuch is the world I was born into.Not everybody is happy.
Searching, yearning, hoping For an answer besides war. A war being fought All for one. Constant if's and possibilities unknown being done All for one. Lives being threatened behind the shadows
In terms of Value, We judge loved ones by their actions, And strangers by their status.  As for ourselves, We often misjudge who we are, Which leads to consequences.
Haiku Stories, Volume 1: Undervalued   I can hear their words They fight loudly, then play nice This is my family   I can see his face
I fill ye treasure cove wit’ rubies ’n dimes           They be not essences from th' heavens,           Bein’ scratched from stolen times   Go 'head, pry like a slimy oyster,
Equivalent Exchange, I must question theeI’m hurt for years, bound to youYou left me that day, taking what you gaveAnd In my fall, I feel moreEquivalent Exchange, how much may I love you?
You can be stoic or Mesozoic,Euphoric or prehistoric,A philosophic sage orA hot tropic age yetThe fossils of your past,In the striations of your heart,Unveil the truth at last—
I searched so hard and I could never seem to find a single meaning. To what life was, or how it began. As I was walking a dusty trail, untill the dust be past. No answer here to soon be found, how long the days will last.
When you commit suicide you kill yourself Others then die inside and are robbed of wealth You are valuable to others more than you know Suicide just let’s all your weaknesses show
Would you cry if today was my last day would you fall to your knees and beg God to bring me back?
I wanted to die   
"Poetry," he said, " is so over-rated." "So many thing are," I thought. Simply because people hold them above the things that are more valuable,  and more under-rated.
As the government cleans itself, it sees what is outside itself as more dirty.
A women with so m
The magnificent richness that is the human experience would lose part of it charm if there wasn't limitations to surpasr. Climbing to the top wouldn't be half as splendid if there wasn't a dark obstacle filled valley to go through.
If you do not feel anything When your fingers touch a keyboard   You are not a poet   If there is not the slightest rhythm From the syllables stampeding In a Socratic circle
She felt the morning passing by, Sun lifted up in midday-sky. She heard the bluebirds start to sing, Oh what a frail, miraculous thing! Yet all these subtle presents missed,
The life we live, we never asked for since the day we was born we was assigned a book and everyday starts off on a blank white piece of paper called a page and every big event is a new chapter
There are little ple
I tried so hard So hard to just show who I am But  It scared me  Because I felt like no one would like who I am I just wanted to be free So free that I wouldn't care what other people thought
What is good luck without there being bad luck? How can we see a rainbow without the cloud-darkened sky? How could the stars shine like diamonds without the blanket of night?
    Life begins inside the cell A simple structure,  without much complication,  that one can find anywhere A cell, which can build a monastery
We dress up and make-up to impress on a daily basis With mascara and tear stains on our faces we still smile Because we know we are the strength that keeps you warm We’ve been through it all, the rise and the falls….
you love to call me thick  that must be a slick way to tell me to lose weight .  You tell me to put salad on my plate .  I heard you World , to be honest .  This pound cake is too good and it already on my plate . 
Our art has no real meaning behind it And if you ask us, we’ll say “I made what I wanted, you tell me why” Then we’ll leave it with you for a collection of dimes So carry it off, this piece of culture emulated
Shall I dedicate myself to a beautiful insanity Or shall I suppress my curiosity, creativity? You can only go so far within syntax Poetry, I discovered, forgot it long ago
Tell me how I was exactly like him Tell me how I am not original Tell me someone has already done that   Everythought has already been thought Every word has already been wrote
Worthless Numbers
I know my value.I know my worthand some of you just aren't worth my time.
I sit and stare, My mind a blur, With little sparks around.    They dance and sing, and start whistling, Hence creation starts to flow.    My head attuned,  My heart balloons,
One beautiful morn, so fresh and oddOn a distant crag, a man did trodHe raised his blade to hew a perchAnd from the gouge three stones did lurchThe first was quite pale and buffed to soft green
A smiling face Being like a beacon From the crowd Tired eyes and sad looks Dominate the room Gloomy looks dull the area A smile. A smile! Shining like polished gold
Feeling good, oh so perfect Maybe the pain was really worth itPassing through my depression Set aside my aggression Although it returns so abruptly It passes by, I don't stay stuck B
They want to get rid of me, They do.   Worn out, useless, worthless, Casting me aside they speak of me as something of the past. They tell me I have no value. Essentially, I’m nothing.
Do you ever feel like you don’t quite belong In the body you call home? I do.   At times, or rather most times, I am so timid that I think I would be better suited
  A smile.  A small but powerful act of kindness,
I belive in angles, in love at first sight. I belive in dreams and nightmares. I belive that giving up is the easy way that's why we must never give up. I belive in God, he's the only one who loves us more than anything.
It all started one day just an ordinary day the first time they got together the first of their new forever Their love was expressed as they got undressed Still just another ordinary day  
Do Not Support to Abortion I want to begin by saying that I am pro-life,
I'm drowning in the inability to let go there is no siding to grab no raft afloat just me alone in this ocean. as wilson difts away I scream in desperation, "I have lost my self control!"
You planned their form in the days of Creation, And You'll be with them 'til their final destination. You knit them together in the darkness of night. You made each part special; everything is right.  
A heart pure and strong A mind so quick and clever A voice that can reach out A world to be made better
You can only touch half of me, This half, This side, You can touch.   The rest of me I hide inside protectively, Guarded, By a shell I constructed of insecurities.
Be yourself Dont let anyone tell you cant be Express, love and smile Thats my style Pink, green, red and blue Let out all your emotions with color that are inside of you
Somewhere there someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worth while, so when you are lonely, just remember its true somebody, somewhere is thinking of you.
Beneath the lonely starsSurrounded by uncomfortable silenceNot knowing where you standTrying to keep your balance
Tales like foxtails pepper my mind And I find that naked the wind hurts But clothed not so much.
(poems go here)Why do I right? Why does anyone? Why do we write what we write? Why do we mark up the precious white?   I can’t speak for you,but… I can write for me   I write for peace
Honey, You’re beautiful Never Settle for less; your value is too high.   You’re perfection just the way you are. Don’t mess that up.   Don’t wish to be anybody else
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