I Weakened Myself for You


I weakened myself for you.


You stuck three nails in my chest 

Making it hard for me to breath. 

You heard me crying out for help but you acted like you could not hear.

You saw how desperate I was for help but you did not care.

I weakened myself for you.


Your selfish desires took control.

You saw my qualities and took advantage of me

You sucked the inside of me and drained all of my energy.

I did everything just so you could love me.

I weakened myself for you.


Your inconsiderate lies and the games that you played

I fed into all even though I was well aware of the situation

Cautious of what you were doing, 

I excused everything you did just so the bickering could stop

I weakened myself for you.


I allowed you to step all over me

Causing you to have all the authority

You never noticed the passion in my eyes

The reason why I allowed you to do these things to me

I weakened myself for you.


The love and passion I brung surely was not enough for you

Me in general was never enough for you

It took me a while to understand that 

I am enough for me.

I no longer will weaken myself for anyone. 

Even if that means losing everything I have 

But what is everything if I do not have myself.

Although you brought me so much pain, 

You made me stronger than I never knew I could be

And because of you, 

I no longer will weaken myself for anyone 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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