The life we live, we never asked for

since the day we was born we was assigned a book

and everyday starts off on a blank white piece of paper called a page

and every big event is a new chapter

whether its big or small or hard or easy

life is a open book

and some fail to realize that life is what we make it

life is something we should enjoy

life is beautiful

but still everyday something burns a hole inside this book

if its not me or you

its someone else in the world

whether its a mistake

rip it out and start fresh on a new page

your book is not perfect

your book is not always going to have an happy ending

your book will one day close and never be reopen

as its closing time

your pages

their ripping slowly and flying into the sky

until Heavens gates open

and your pages suddenly come back to a whole

and your book is reopened in a new frame we call after life

where once old books were whole again




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