Suicide Kills Others


When you commit suicide you kill yourself

Others then die inside and are robbed of wealth

You are valuable to others more than you know

Suicide just let’s all your weaknesses show

Standing up and working through your issues rough

That is what's needed to really be strong and tough

Believe it or not you are not alone we are here

Reach out to us as we truly do really care

We hear your cries, but can’t reach out to you

You refuse to hear us through your darkness and blue

If you would take the time to allow us in you would see

How much you truly are so very dear and special to me

I couldn’t bear to live life without you here by my side

Losing you would be like a change in the world’s tide

I be lost and wouldn’t know which way was up or down

My world would be chaos, irrational and would always frown

To say I love you isn’t enough as words cannot express

How much you mean to me and how much you really impress

I would be confused and lost, but then I would just exist

I need you here; you are on my special person list

You would leave a hole in my heart so big it wouldn’t heal

I need you around, you are complete me – that’s the deal

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