As the Ignorant

A world dealt with the aftermath of countless lifetimes laden with cruelty
A world in turmoil and controversy
A world trying to expand and trying not to expand
Such is the world I was born into.
Not everybody is happy.
Dangerous, cacophonous, self-righteous words drowning out unspoken, unnoticed, unacknowledged ones
Eardrums shattering from the constant screaming of what is right and wrong
Where some have had their awakening(s)
Where some have yet to, or never will, have their awakenings
Where some have become sick of hearing about the awakenings
Where did the carefreeness go?
Where did the naturalness go?
Where did the happiness go?
This is where the world is a gigantic Dissymphonia.
The ideas of equality, peace, and justice have their lines
These words mean so much that they have dozens upon dozens of meanings, so many that they contradict themselves.
We are all so different that we forget what we do have in common with each other.
Such is the world I was born into.
Nobody is entirely happy.
But that’s how it always was, right?

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Our world
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