Haiku Story: Undervalued

Haiku Stories, Volume 1: Undervalued
I can hear their words
They fight loudly, then play nice
This is my family
I can see his face
He struggles with reasoning
This is my best friend
I can see her eyes
She holds back tears with a smile
I love her dearly
“When you fight, I'm here
We can fix it together”
“I know, son; I know”
“When you struggle, look;
I'm here for whatever you need”
“I know, bro; I know”
“When you're on the verge
You can look to me; I'm here”
“Yes Thomas, I know”
It's always “I know”
However, no one listens
They don't talk it out
But I will stay here
Waiting for the day they do –
For them to tell me
Undervalued, yes
This I very well may be, but
What if I'm needed?
If not now, later
When they are about break
What if I can help?
One day, I will help
If not right now, then later
Soon they will be saved
I have to save them
They mean everything to me
Their pain is mine, too
My family: they hurt
My brother and love suffer
They make up my world
Undervalued, yes
But one day, I'll be a hero
I will save the world
This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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