A women with so much power comes and saves the days.

Hold everyone problems until they all fly away. She tries not to ask for much a smile will do her just fine that she's the person you call when you on the verge of crying.

YOU always see her smile I don't think I ever saw her frown .This superwoman had it all put together that one day I wish I could be.

Something like Mrs.Superwoman the person everyone looked at and praised. Had the spot light on her as people talk and grasped with amazed .How does she do it all and never seem to break she wore a mask so you all made the mistake .

She showed strength even when her mind became weak.She had her times when she gave up and didn't weep .The  moment you had a problem who do you run to a person you thought could solve it all somehow didn't have a clue.

She played pretend so you never knew! .How superwoman felt inside and out.Mrs.Superwoman save others but herself she kept hidden from the world to see. She was expected to protect and love never to be sad you see.

She had school, friends family that she had to keep everyone calm so she didn't make a pep when she cried or scream from what she had to be .

She woke up the next day feeling empty inside and so gray that she helped so may people that they didn't ask if she was OK.

Hey can you help me, I need some advice the words the people spoke. As Mrs.Superwoman remains unspoken as she smiled and help them so quick and fast. But she never asked for them because they wouldn't know what to do.

Until they stop caring they only care when they need you. Some days superwoman stops helping other and silence her phone. See who noticed that she begins to be more alone. Never calls on you the same because the lack of reply that's such a shame because if it was superwoman she faster then a light that she make your day and your night. But what about SUPERWOMAN all I receive is a thank you but where are you when I need !!

Somewhere not thinking of me .SUPERWOMAN is a girl you think seems perfect but she in disguise washing away from her cry's because she help you more then she did herself.

The image she have to sustain that in the rain she had to stay dry holding that smile when she wanted to die. Remember how you didn't want to see Mrs.SUPERWOMAN leave because she didn't want to help anymore when she was then person who need.

All those people who turn to this women and somehow needed some hope to continue your  journey remember how you treated her when her hope came less.

You choose to not care why should she continue to show her best and act like nothing was wrong.


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