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What if we suddenly awoke, Realized it'd all been a dream? What kind of feelings would be evoked; For us what would it mean?   And if I could give back all this time, Run back across the line,
laughing at nothing feeling everything our love a rose in spring   something has changed we have changed into something more   maybe it was how his hand felt right in mine
It was the beginning of school, and I was having an extremely boring day, when I made a change, without thinking what may of happen to me
Teardrop smile,She rolls with grace.Sad.Happy.Angry even.It rolls with grace,Your teardrop smile.
Because I love you, Your happiness is mine, Your problems are mine. Just like I am yours.  
I yearn for more Whatever more is More places to see More opportunity for me More happiness More joy and less pain More to be proud of More to give More to do More to achieve
Happiness is the blood line for life life is body and soul once alligned then refined working all your life isn't a task but a mask, of how people precieve you may you recieve wellness, not hate
"It's a disguisting color!" Well, mam, I beg your pardon.  But that color I just mentioned- Happens to be my favorite.    "It keeps you awake." Can't deny that one, But that's the fun,
It started out as an assignment, Write this, write that, turn it in, But, to me, it became something more.   Free poems, no rules, just extras in the assignment, They became more than just a grade,
Enough. It's a word that describes something we can never have. It doesn't matter what it is. It could be friends, clothes, beauty, happiness, money and more.
Stranded and alone Nothing to do but look But I do have one thing A nice big book   Adventures galore Oh what this book has in store Until something new Washes up on shore  
In your life, the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” Is something you’ll hear a lot  
So you want to know "who I am?" Well who I am, is more. It cannot be summed up in adjectives and traits. Who I am deeper than that.  I am MORE.
                  If somone tuned the page and saw true the definition of me, it would be more, More than the avarage person sees.
A boulder lying over your entire existence leaving an impression impression, indentions from scars scars from giving in after trying so hard hard to breathe under the weight on your shoulders
His forearm is cooled by the sweat of his elbows. The fire is started in his hand, in a ski mask and shell toes.
Whisps of ashy gray smoke occasionally drift over the walls. Sometimes, when the wind blows just the right way, I can smell the charred, silent world outside of my fortress.
*/ /*-->*/ We all Want More. One more Job One more Friend One more Dollar One more Life
Curtains are drawn at night, To shield our fragile minds From obscurities Mute outside.   Half are opaque, Half are translucent. Variety feeds the filters
I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face
Ugly.       Gay.
One of my old poems:   Sometimes I feel like a puppet, Pulled along in another's hands Obeying the orders to do this or do that My every rebellion already orchestrated
A lot more to learn A lot more to take Never ending the questions Circling the cavity of my head
In society people pin themselves in categories Ones that they aspire to be apart of Ones they are apart of And ones that they want people to think they're apart of This causes shame
As the flag soars high I begin to cry
Aim to be. Strive to be. Live to be. But why? How can we be something if all social stanards thrive to categorize us? I know that I am not perfect You are not perfect
  You're like the swaying of trees Or a breath of fresh air A feeling so lovely
Why must we always question authority? Obviously we should back down, We're simply the minority.    I'll tell you why we stand and fight, Why we won't give up the shiny crown,
Enough with radical equations and notations And teach us about the struggles of life Teach us about business plans and their relations And educate us on how to survive the night  
That back seat far into the corner, I become unseen. Though I do the work that you ask, Why can I not just be me?   You tell us to be our selves, But when we do, you shut us down,
It’s Crazy How People Can Remember The Time They Had Spent With People More Than They Can Remember The Answers To An Exam. I Guess We All Know What We Cherish The Most...   I Knew A Guy ,
"More" Written By: Madison P. B.   Wanting so badly Wishing for more But how can I ask that of you?   I should be happy That I get something
The tides usher the same waves Resounding old news: Blood, death, slavery To hatred. Wrath, fear, envy. The cold tides rend the soles of my feet, They tear at the men and women on the bank,
A student is someone who engages in their own goals, aspirations, and dreams. I consider myself going beyond my objectives. My goal is the mere want and need of success.
Things have changed We're not the people we were yesterday The rules have been rearranged and difficult to keep plain.   We're more than sugar, spice and everything nice
There's beauty in the soul If you gaze real deep There's hope in the veins That keep the hearts beat   There imagination painting Blurred dreams behind the eyes
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