More than Spice


Things have changed

We're not the people we were yesterday

The rules have been rearranged

and difficult to keep plain.


We're more than sugar, spice and everything nice

there is blood pumping through our veins

flowing time into thyn brain

Finding a way to keep us sane.


No one is a conformer any more

No one is rebel for sure,

We all have our own rules

and we all depend on what society has said for rules.


For how can they be twisted and bent

If there was nothing before set.

There will always be rules

But it's up to us to chose whose.


We're more than sugar, spice, and everything nice

There's a heart that can't be contained

That wants to play a diffrent game

Finding a way to keep us sane.


All the morals are different

but when combined

They all line up in agreement

creating a mural most sublime.


No one is special

no one is insignificant

We all have our roles

So get on out there and make a good show.


Because we're more than sugar and spice and everything nice

There's a soul that needs to explore

that is anything but plain

Finding a way to make us sane.



I came up with this while sitting in the dark wondering why i felt wierd inside... so yeah wish me luck!

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