I am more

Ugly.       Gay.       Geek.       Snob.       Delinquent.

Druggie.       Loner.       Christian.       Cutter.       White.     

Fatass.       Bitch.       Black.       Redneck.       Bully.

Nobody.       Freak.       Frat.       Ghetto.       Bad Ass.

Loser.       Teacher's pet.       Asian.       Dumb.       Drama geek.

Slut.       Nerd.       Mexican.       Wannabe.       Rich.

Jock.       White Trash.       Emo.       Muslim.       Whore.

Which one is the definition of you?





What? You aren't defined by one word and one word alone?

Are you sure? 

You're right. So why make one of those words the entire definition of someone else?

Every Wendsday the "Delinquent" picks up fresh flowers to bring to his grandmother's hospital room.

The "Nerd" helps his little sisters with their math homework every night.

The "Rich" girl spends every Saturday at a soup kitchen and serves the homeless food just because she wants to.

And that "Redneck"? He visits his best friend's grave every Sunday after church.

Sometimes when you're told that you are just a "wannabe" or "white trash" you start to believe it. But one word, and one word alone defines no one. I am not just the "Geek." I am a daughter. A bestfriend. An athlete. A highschool graduate. A baker. A college student. A sister.

I am more.


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