More Than Just A Student

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A student is someone who engages in their own goals, aspirations, and dreams. I consider myself going beyond my objectives. My goal is the mere want and need of success. To walk across the stage of my college graduation and look into the stands where a proud family stands illuminated and tearful. I aspire in making a difference; changing and altering the world around me to make it healthier and safer. I dream of being the best thing I can possibly be; a swift and gracious track runner who reaches the top, a surgeon who saves the lives of many, or even a charismatic demonstrator or role model. I, Amber Ellis am more than a student because I not only reach for my desirables but I look past them for the greater and attainable ambitions to come next in my life.

Success will always be achievable. As I walk through the steps of life, my success is closer than what it seemed before. Growing up triumph was easy and simplistic. I would color in the lines in kindergarten and Mrs. Rogers would immediately acknowledge my accomplishment and award me with a gold star. As time progressed, I would realized the difficult and strategic measures that needed to be taken in order to receive and A on your final or semester exam. I’ve grasped the idea behind the principle and I managed to conquer it. The idea is to make me stronger; to avoid complaining and looking towards the short cuts. The strength I have obtained has prepared me and enabled me to strive and become rigorous in the face of the future and its entirety. The ability to look towards success differently rather than just looking to pass or barely achieve the attainable has made me a student of a vigorous mentality and praiseworthy endurance.

Differentiating characteristics are birthed into students every day.  Those who are granted the gift to fight for the nation they love, those who are given the talents to cure cancer or physical restraints, or even the ones who are arranged to educate the children of the upcoming. What makes me different is my yearning to make a difference. My desire ranges from beautifying the depths of the town I was raised in to the voice I was guaranteed to speak up and reassure my opinion. As a student with such belief and personality, I am subject to change the world we live in and complying with the idea of the power of today’s youth. I believe I am not too small to make such a difference because of the intensity of my voice.

My subtlety is being whatever I imagine myself striving in. My craving is what keeps higher than the average student. I saw myself as an astronaut. I dreamt of myself as the president. I remember being the ideal athlete. But now I only see myself as a leader. I see myself going farther than the typical student. I see light in myself. 

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My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Carla Rogers. I really enjoyed your poem. I am to be more than just a student as well.

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