love unrequited

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He was my first love We started out as a pair Then became a situationship It was emotionally unfair. He knew I loved him From age 14 to 18 He didn't even love me back It still felt obscene.
I committed a great crime this spring. I learned a lesson that I'll not soon forget. I learned never to fall in love again If I can help it. I think about your curls falling on me,
I'm ok now.Mostly, that is.I still think about you.Sometimes it feels like you never left:Stalking the fringes of my dreams.
OutsideFor the first time in a week...   It was surreal to feel the windLightly blow against your cheekAnd amongst the trees...Birdsong   Infected your earsMusic. Symphonies.  
He is a beautiful man As I listen to his stories… War, Muslim, Gay, Death, Romance, Hard work, He inspires me to be better I love him, but he doesn’t love me
i      —-                          i don’t know.  you are what i cannot comprehend  you are                        the dry flakes of skin
Heart Disconnected by these Misconceptions Caused by these failed Recessions. For my Blessings are not Lessons For your Indiscretion.
I realized through all of my constant trivial mind games that I have come to find one of my very own soul mates. I don’t think I believed until his eyes met mine.
A liquid asset currently in my safe. In bullet form it can kill a werewolf. He who has the desired personality type women want.   The color one’s hair turns with age/stress.
I'm tired of being secondAnd never being first.I say I'm fine with the part I playBut man, it really hurts.
Brave or stupid? Pain now or later? Dull ache or harsh sting? They warned me Guard your heart But I don't know how So there it is out there for all to see I fell for you why didn't you fall for me
There are many ways to be afraid Ways to hide in fright No- one there to help
the epitome of you: flirtatious gentleman a hell-like paradise a book with the words scribbled out blackout poetry?  
dear crush can you hear that? the sound of my heart breaking? breaking like claps each syllable you spoke to someone else
I still remember what you did, The continuous pain of loving you.  You never understood me, you open lid. The lid of a jar to satisfy loneliness I felt too. But I still hung on for ages
Am I your Gatsby? Or am I just Gatsby; by himself without his own flowering bud. You’re still my Daisy to admire. But yet still separated, by what bay?  
Dear Eric,  The rumors you spread weren’t true. All I can say is sorry. It wasn’t suppose to mean anything. Just a small a crush you weren’t meant to find out. Please forgive me. You were so wonderful.
An open letter to The Embodiment of Unrequited Love   You make me doubt myself and go against everything I’ve ever been. You choke me and provoke me until I let you in.
Like skipping stones eyes skim across the room. Thoughts glancing over every face until finally, a match sparks a fire inside you. The flames of curiosity and desire burn tenderly.  
One petal falls from her lips One petal lands in her hand One petal falls to her feet The rose they come from grows in her lung She's stuck with this pain Due to unrequited love  
I still find you hair stuck in my car seat's, and your make up still smeared across my bed sheet's. I'm waiting out here cause you've got my weak. My baby, my dear, just come back to me.  
You make me love you,You make me hate you,But can't you see I always get what I want,so stop messing with my head.You can't make me say "I love you too."Even though I do.
Your sweetness, tender words, are kisses on my dissected heart.   Scarlet with my idiocy, a crown of shame.   Fool's fool, parading in saint's mask and desire's cloak.  
It's late and you are smiling Your eyes sparkle with mischief. It's late and you are laughing A smile flickers across your face and your eyes meet mine.   My brain is foggy with sleep,
There will come a day when SHE appears.   You will see him in a picture and the hand interlocking his will not be yours.
I don’t eat strawberry-flavored Candies, save Laffy Taffys or Starbursts. I don’t eat oranges   Or brown bananas. I’ll only eat
judah The problem was never that i didn’t love you enough the problem was that i i have always loved you too fiercely
Would it please you if at night we were to kissand roll in sweating flames of sounding sighs,tightly tangled the track of time to miss,for time was reset in our merging eyes?Would it please you to be held by my arm
Through the long classes,  filled with intoxicating noise-pollution  and fading attention, we found mutual adoration, then love.  Remember, my crass stubbornness created us;
How could I be so blind? How could he do this to me? Dead, I am Haunted, he will be
Once upon a time, We were younger and we loved each other. You loved me freely, for the world to see, But I had fears so I loved you secretly. But you should know that I did. Know that even with the passing time
I whisper your name But the wind carries it away You're just a memory Blowing free Across the landscape To light where you may Or dare Wherever you land It just won't be fair
she was a record a quote drafted by our daily lives and i was not aware she was drunk on a small girl
The moments pass slowly, each bringing a new memory as I lie here, waiting. The years go by in a heartbeat and I have learned to measure time by heartbreaks, still, I am here waiting.
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