Ana's Metaphor

dear crush

can you hear that?

the sound of my heart


breaking like claps

each syllable you spoke to someone else

you spat phrases to someone who actually cared

about me

you weren’t talking to yourself


deep inside i know i am

a sad girl


scratched into stalagmite walls

my eerie mind

i knew you didn’t love

sad girls


i thought you must have


you knew it was me

and when I gazed

you glanced

i thought you could read my mind so i didn’t confess

to surpassing the “i like you” stage

i love you


i guess you don’t have the ability to read


and see it etched in the cracks

i thought you could hear the evidently subtle shouting of my head and heart

in unison to my resistance


i guess

you aren’t telepathic

you can’t read my mind

and i’ll keep sending anonymous love notes even though you’ll know

it’s me

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