Vernal Elegy

I committed a great crime this spring.
I learned a lesson that I'll not soon forget.
I learned never to fall in love again
If I can help it.

I think about your curls falling on me,
Slipping from behind your ear
To whisper gently against me,
Your hot breath
Caressing my face
As you laugh,
Your hands
My cheeks.

I cannot breathe. I cannot see.

Soft as silk.
Inviting as a desert spring.
My Sihaya:
I'll think of you
Whenever I see a field of wild sunflowers,
Whenever an opossum
Loiters on my porch,
Whenever I hear a joke.

My love drowns in the spring.
My heart sinks beneath the hills.
The early evening wind
Ushers in a thousand more morings
Without you.

I am lost. I cannot see. I cannot breathe.

I cannot see.

I cannot breathe.

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