One petal falls from her lips

One petal lands in her hand

One petal falls to her feet

The rose they come from grows in her lung

She's stuck with this pain

Due to unrequited love


One petal falls from his mouth

With a drop of warm blood

One petal lands in his hand

Staining his skin

One petal falls to his feet

Covered in red

The flower it comes from grows in his love

He's miserable

Because of unrequited love


One petal, he loves her

One petal, he does not

One petal, he loves her

Last petal, he does not

She looks to her friend

Tears in her eyes

As the flower inside her

Makes her want to die

She's ready to sob as the cough echoes out

This is the feeling of unrequited love


With flowers inside them

They cry at the form

It's the feeling of happiness,

Or the pain of flowers growing due to unrequited love.

It's the idea of forever, or death to them young.


From one pain in the chest to the next

One of them signs to stay alive

From one blood ridden flower to another

One allows it to grow.

From one beep to a line

The last would rather die.


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