The moments pass slowly,
each bringing a new memory
as I lie here, waiting.

The years go by in a heartbeat
and I have learned to measure time by heartbreaks,
still, I am here waiting.

Sweet Possibility kisses my soul,
but the only one who can make me whole
keeps me here, waiting.

My body grows old,
my mind grow weary and cold
from these years I have spent waiting.

Though I am wasting,
I will be yours-waiting.



Very nice! (:


There are some very strong lines here, though my favorite, I think, is "I have learned to measure time by heartbreaks." Time being governed by heartbreaks really emphasizes how overwhelmingly strong love/passion/yearning can be. The cliche phrase is "time flies when you're having fun." But when you're not having fun--when you're just waiting for something to come along-- then "The moments pass slowly," as you state. A very accurate, soulful depiction of humanity.

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