The Weaver of Dreams

It's late and you are smiling

Your eyes sparkle with mischief.

It's late and you are laughing

A smile flickers across your face

and your eyes meet mine.


My brain is foggy with sleep,

And I am intoxicated by the sound of you.

I am on a sugar high; I'm not thinking straight.

I can't be, because I'm dreaming of you.

Why is it that when I am tired my thoughts always wander your way?

Unintentionally I trace a path from my day to yours

Weaving together our shared laughter in a lattice of unwarranted hope.


Unrequited adoration is a way of life for me.

So instead of making a fool of myself

and stuttering through my speech when I'm with you,

I'll weave this tapestry of words

And hang it on the wall of my heart to collect dust.

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