love letter

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I have set the stars in place so that your eyes may see wonder and the moon so that you may hold my beauty in your hearts. Thunder and lightning so that you may hear the sound of my beating heart and see my radient light that flashes in rythme.
Love is a powerful force that defies all logic and persuades even the most rigid of hearts. 
Love is a powerful force that defies all logic and persuades even the most rigid of hearts. 
u use a bright pen that is last to be picked in the packet. may u speak ur true feelings on paper and pray. she can’t see where ur love starts and ends. but she has to.  
Some noblest of feelings, Some noblest of thoughts. And all such noble things, Came togeather to draft a Billet Doux. The message of love, So sweet and simple- I’m in love, In love with you.
Dear David,
Dear brain, I miss what we used to have. Please tell me what went wrong?
i know you're just a girl but still i feel like you put me through the wringer, twisted up my body till i was nothing but wet eyes.
THINKING TO YOU IN STATISTICS CLASS         -        a love letter   I rearrange everything into orders                     When will the bouncing, 
I see that day now,it’s gold-sunlight kissedwith apple crisp air on my lips.Tart laughter stained our cheeks,and our eyes glittered,feasting, on the velveteensincerity of each other.
  It’s one of those nights.   One where the stars are too still in their orbits, And I can imagine the scent of your perfume Lazily wafting its way around the room,
A year ago,I would have done anything to make you stay.A year ago,I had it all in the palm of my handto have it all fall apart six months later.  
Calming innocence, brought by the tide, born from the sea’s foam.   Breathing. Wandering. Befriending the rain.  
Dear Water, You have always been the love, Life of my Body. From my very existence, I have had you, By my side nurturing me. I could not live,
To the girl with hair like the sun, to the girl whose voice reaches out to the angels. I cannot speak. Words washed away
Dear future girlfriend: I’ll tell you this now. I’m a hopeless romantic. Emphasis on the hopeless. I live for attention and validation,
He does not deserve you And you deserve someone better. You deserve someone Who can see the fire in your eyes.
It’s not you… It’s me… No, no, no-- It’s most certainly the other way around! Listen, sweetheart… I love you But you need to change, first.  
I remember when I first heard you My unexpecting ears fell in love with your rhytym  Your anger Your subtleness Your vulgarity And finally your resolve When I fell, I fell hard.
I hope you blush when I compliment you. Oh god, sorry. That was weird. Can I start again? It's just that- I like you. A lot.
  Dearest Love.
You don't really know me, But I've seen you play. Many kings have laid down their hand for you. I can see why, Because I've gotten a little wrapped up in you too. My thoughts get tangled when it's your turn.
We will never be too far away from each other as long as we are under the same moon.
Adoring love is never seen as something to shy away from, beware is never a word used. Creating false dreams that sit on clouds up above our heads. Determined at first to bring soft shade on a hot day.
Dear darling,
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