Little Love Story

Dear David,

So where do I start? Should I start about when I had first met you…or to the when I first laid eyes on you and didn’t have love at first sight. Maybe that’s a bit harsh but that's where our story begins. When I first saw you I had known you as your first loves boyfriend, who was ironically friends with me at the time. So it was our first year of high school ,and we had gotten lockers ,and just under my locker was my friend’s locker ,but in your case it was your girlfriend’s locker. I was always filled with a certain amount of annoyance because you two would makeout in front of my locker. I mean yes I was annoyed that you two would always get in the way of my locker ,but the fact that I’d get disgusted because we were in school and the both of yall had the audacity to do that in front of everyone especially me. I was a lonely freshman who craved love even at its highest point of despriration. So a year of freshman desperation and I had gotten into a “relationship” with a guy named Francisco who was a bleached dirty-blonde sophomore with really bright hazel eyes. Now I emphasize relationship with quotations because he was in fact my boyfriend because an illusion in my head had craved anyone who wanted me back. I mean I guess I was a dumb young desperate girl who just who had wanted to rush the term “love”. Of course, we had never lasted because there wasn’t actual love and he had thought that I was too shy for him ,but I knew it was because it was boring. We were not a good fit whatsoever. I mean he would spend his time just trying to kiss me while I avoided it because everything was too rushed and I knew I wasn’t in love with his boring self. Now fast forward to sophomore year. This was the year I had gone to Madison High School and returned to KIPP high school because I had missed my friends too much. So I had classes with this guy named Andres, and my first impression on this guy was that he was a total player ,and to avoid him. Eventually that didn’t last because I fell for his games and got played. Before realizing this I had two classes with you: Chemistry and Theatre. I never knew who you were until I came into Theatre ,and I had met you through Andres. I had remembered you by being Anjelica, your first loves boyfriend. I had never really had good guy friends so when I met you I had enjoyed your company. I think I realized I had started to develop feelings for you when I’d feel my cheeks burn and I’d get excited to talk to you. You were funny, dorky, and laughed at my jokes. But you were also a guy that I could rely on because you helped me through so much. I liked you but I thought our friendship was more important than trying to start something because I had felt that if I had told you I would weird you out. So I made the decision to back off of you and I sadly went to Andres. I mean it was a time in my life were he had a facade of a nice guy and I fell for that. It wasn’t long before he had played with my feelings claiming he had feelings for me ,but to my surprise did not want a relationship. All he wanted was someone to make a fool of themselves for his ego. Nothing but heart break after heart break as he would get into a short term relationships and I would run back to give the attention to him. If I’m being honest he was the true definition of a scrub. He treated me bad and was mentally abusive. All he cared about was himself. He loved the attention to feed his starving ego. He had made me feel so worthless and yet I had gone back to him. The only positive thing about him was that we had met in a way by him. He knew you and we talked through him. As time went on Andres broke my heart but I’d go to your advice. I remember that you had once told me that I deserved better and I honestly felt that to the core. Whenever I’d see you I always thought I wanted a boyfriend just like you. You were good, nice, smart, and man were you cheesy just like me. So that moment I had let myself be free of Andres I had felt amazed that I made it out of a toxic relationship. Time went on in Junior year and you had been broken up from Anjelica. It had been a few months since you too had separated and I’d sit with you at lunch because you were so good to talk to and I had felt comfortable talking to you. Than as time continued I had started feeling something for you. I knew this because I’d feel my face feel flushed and I’d get both nervous and excited to talk to you. It didn’t take long before I had told you how I felt about you ,and to my surprise you had felt the same way. We had both had feelings for each other before in Sophmore year. We had our first Christmas in a relationship until January. Than you had broken my heart  by breaking up with me because you weren’t ready for a relationship ,but than again so was I because we had both barley came out of a relationship so it was understandable. Than I guess fate brought us back together and we got back together. I was so happy because I was throwing a sweet sixteen and you promised to be my escort ,but than you had broken up with me just days before my party. I was heartbroken because you caused me to be miserable even on my birthday. But let's fast forward and skip all the pain to the most recent time we got together. Yes people think I was a fool to go back to you because you broke my heart twice but with you it had never felt that way. You admitted you were too scared to be with me because you didn’t want me to leave you. Those two times you had left me I realized that I never wanted anyone who wasn’t you and I realized I could never find anyone like you so when you came back to me I was the happiest person alive. You see I forgive you for everything because I know we are going to make it this time. You even told me yourself we are meant for each other. We are perfect for each other and have been through so much. But I believe fate has brought us together because we are truly are a reflection of each other. You make me the happiest I ever felt and this is the first time I have ever experienced love and you truly are a blessing. You are my happily ever after, the best thing I never knew that I had needed. I love you David.

    Sincerely, your love, Alyssa


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