Love Letter: A Jump Rope to a Queen of Hearts (Playing Card)

You don't really know me,

But I've seen you play.

Many kings have laid down their hand for you.

I can see why,

Because I've gotten a little wrapped up in you too.

My thoughts get tangled when it's your turn.

 My heart jumps and stumbles,

Your moves are so confident,

You refuse to fold.

You're not some symbol or icon,

You are the queen of this house,

the top of the deck,

Even the king has no right or claim to your throne.

The Queen of Hearts rules this kingdom,

You make the rules,

and the rules follow you.


When I'm finally able to skip over to you,

I get shuffled with the Jacks and the Jokers.

This isn't child's play,

I swear I'm not some toy.

When I finally pull myself through,

I wind up facing the back of your hand.

Those suits are more sophisticated than these threads,

They make it hard to compete.

They offer up diamonds,


























Try to charm with clovers,

Then give you black spades when it's all over.

They think they know all of your tricks,

But there's always a new one up your sleeve.

You send them flying,

Slicing through the air.

When they all fall to the ground,

And refuse to get up,

I'm still here, hanging on,

Waiting 'till the show is over to see your finale.


I'm tired of games,

I can tell you are too.

You're fed up with these cards,

And all of their cheap tricks.

I can promise you I'll last,

I won't fray or fold,

I won't gamble or cheat,

I won't give you rope burn,

Or make you fall to your knees.

When you fall,

I'll help you back up on your feet.

We can start all over,

Count the successes again.

There's no winner or loser if there is never an end.

My cards are on the table.

Now it's your move.

Don't worry,

There's no way you can lose,

Because  you've already won my heart.


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