Teenage Love Letter


We will never be too far away from each other as long as we are under the same moon. As much as I wish I could show up at your doorstep every night with flowers and wake up every morning to your beautiful smile, when you come home I will be there. We can make a long distance relationship work if we want it to, we just cannot let anybody or anything get in the way of what is real. If it is true love distance will not matter as long as we both give each other reason to smile. Distance is merely a test on how far love can go. When there is a will, there is a way. I truly believe together we can overcome this and all other life's obstacles. I will forever be jealous of those who get to see you everyday because they get to be part of something beautiful; but if we are strong enough and real enough and true enough then in the end you will always be the last and only lips I kiss. No matter how painful relationships can be, no matter how hard distance will hurt, no matter how much missing each other will suck, not having you in my life is much worse. As long as we are under the same moon I promise to never let you go.


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