A Billet Doux

Sun, 06/24/2018 - 03:18 -- Fakir

Some noblest of feelings,

Some noblest of thoughts.

And all such noble things,

Came togeather to draft a Billet Doux.

The message of love,

So sweet and simple-

I’m in love,

In love with you.

I’ll be there,

To stand with you.

No matter you care or not,

No matter you share or not,

But I’ll be there, always,

Standing beside you.

I’m in love,

In love with you.

Though it’s for nought,

Yet, I love you.

All such words repeated,

All over again.

Red and pink hearts, drawn,

All over again.

Packed with care, paper

Smelled of roses.

A beautiful message,

For the most beautiful one,

With a bunch of roses.

A piece of paper,

So noble, so holy.

Whatever it’s fate,

Let it be.

Whatever the reply,

Let it be.

I respect the choice,

Let it be.

But, I’ll love on,

Love Eternity.



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