Togetherness (From Steven To Connie)


I’m stronger with you

I’m happy with you

I’m better because of you

And when we’re together,

we become one

because I like you

When we dance, the energy we both feel are connected

There’s no one else I would rather have this experience with

When our face was a mere inch away from kissing,

We lit up and became bigger

For a moment, our childhood stops and we were a fusion

A force to be reckoned with

Because my dearest Connie, I like you

When I see you, my face turns red,

I like your glasses,

but I like it better when you take them off

It reminds me of the powers I convey so that you don’t feel the need to use those glassless glasses ever again

Although I have these powers, I can entrust that you’ll catch me before I fall

Because you keep your stance wide and you’re body lowered

You’re balanced when I can be a klutz

You are my knight

My strawberry

My Jam Bud

You’ve shown me worlds I never knew existed in storybooks

I’ve shown you things you never knew were possible in this world

When things got heavy,

I tried pushing you away from the path of destruction that follows behind me and the gems,

but you stayed

You stayed close to me like my mother was close to the nature of this Earth

You see me when I’m at my best and you’ve seen me at my worst

You’re part of my universe

And you’re here with me

We’re together

We’re a team

And we look good like you in a blue dress

I’m Greg and Rose but you’re the real gem

You’re the one with value and preciousness

You’re a true lady and warrior of respect

I’m a true kid with intentions of making sure this planet stays safe

But most importantly, I’m making sure you’re safe

That’s why I’m your shield when you feel the need to go fight

Because before this planet, there’s you

So many people in this world, but only one Connie

So dearest Connie,

You’re not in my universe

You ARE my universe


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