I hope you blush

I hope you blush when I compliment you.
Oh god, sorry.
That was weird.
Can I start again?
It's just that-
I like you.
A lot.

I mean, obviously.
You have to know by now, I'm not very subtle.
I compliment you so that you can know that
I like you.
A lot.

A whole bunch, actually.
My crush is honestly incredibly embarrassing.
And I just hope you blush!
You're so pretty and kind,
And when I compliment you,
I hope you giggle in your adorable voice,
And squint your precious eyes,
And I hope a glorious blush spreads across your perfect cheekbones and over your beautiful nose.
I hope you grin with your slightly crooked, amazing smile.
I really, really, really hope you enjoy my compliments.
As was noted,

I like you.
A lot.

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