A Poet's Love Letter to Poetry

I remember when I first heard you

My unexpecting ears fell in love with your rhytym 

Your anger

Your subtleness

Your vulgarity

And finally your resolve

When I fell, I fell hard.

You began to fill my time

I tried to imitate your ever changing patterns

I tried to be loud like you

to be soft like you

to be captivating like you

I wanted to open the inner most corners of my soul to you

I didnt want a piece of me that you didn't know

Years later, I still get butterflies in my stomach 

My eyes still water from your beauty

Poetry, you have made me love you in all your forms

When I'm angry

I look to you for Slams

When I want something small but mighty

I look to you for Haikus

Thank you for affirming my love every time

Thank you for loving me as much as I love you

Poetry, Thank you




Hope you guys like it!


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