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The sea is inspirational melo- dy, my stomach beats of its penmanship. Biological immortality, extravehicular activity,
Living my life like it's golden.Living my life like im chosen.I am no longer broken.I am beholden, unfolding.Say in motion like the ocean, rolling.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl known for her smile, that lit up the world. little did they know how she felt in bed every night, all alone, all those tears she shed.
Dreams are among the stars In sight, but out of reach Til one falls, shooting fire. Seeing this must then teach The law of desire
Like a great flight of stairs based in the center of a garden, Sturdy, beautiful, glimmering, their nobility ardent. Our history a great mystery filled with tales of glory.
Whose left? It seems that the world has forgotten. Those who gave their all, so that we could be proud of our country. No one thinks of them anymore, they only see problems.
Day in and day out, the tension rises, What does our red, white and blue really mean? Can we avoid this terrible crisis, Or will our fear prevent the twilight gleam? I recall when we weren’t so divided,
I see wisdom
Strive to fight, Then conquer and destroy. To all who know us, This is our creed. When we fall, We get back up. We hit a wall, We leave behind dust. Standing tall with might,
  Feelings come and go, But God will never go.  The presences of God is like a light That shines through the night; His spirt well eliminate all my fear Its light coming from above,
I once had a dream... I was with friends I've never seen before. The Life-of-the-Party friend had a powderd rock discovered by her scientist father.
Dare I ask what tomorrow brings Another day of temptation to reach my hope Yet I am prepared, even if it stings  
"Called upun this story  But was it fear or fate? Not in it for the glory Don't want to feel their hate But my life is not so boring  As for me? I'm no saint Though now I know who the Lord is
I surrender. I am a winner. I have won Your love. I have won Your approval. I surrender myself to You. I am a writer because You made me a writer, I write for You.
I prayed for the patience to wait for you and finally here you stand
Radiance, torridity and stars exploding on the inside of your eyelids.  Symphonies of light and sound, and hell with it’s unwithstandable blazing. 
I am a lazy shaft of 4 o'clock December light I stay sleepily under warm blankets
I believe in death so that I may gain life
" Sometimes I'm just riding with the winds flow.
Darkness circles the area of the box I'm in! Them, they only see me standing there in glory, open space, with a smile as bright as sin,
I see the colors red, white, and blue lying on the ground, And a dozen dead bodies lying all around. I look at the flag, the last thing I might see, And after God, most important to me.
Society seems in a mess Mothers cry, while Fathers stress to be polite is a disgrace as children mock you to your face   drugs and sex aren't hard to find it seems as if the worlds gone blind
Listen to my story About a poison glory A broken mind One of a kind Lonely on a venture A dirty misadventure Unknowingly walking Away from all the flocking He walked his empty path
I sat in a dark cold room Surrounded by my friends. My feet shivered on the cold stone floor, And fear filled the air.   I wanted to know why
I used to believe in 11:11 wishes,  Used to dream of midnight kisses,  I believed in these things and much more,  But all that was in a time long, long, before,  Before the boy ripped at my chest, 
  My Love,   You are my heart, my joy, and my bride. For you, I took the nails and the wound in my side. For you, I was beaten beyond recognition. For you, I lived knowing I’d endure crucifixion.
Pride and Glory The most prized possession The most pure and unique It has its own worth   Pride is your own love You value yourself You do your best in everything You look down on others
He does not walk on water But neither do I He's flawed and far from perfection But I know that he tries He does not wear a suit of tin But I am not of royal descent He's made his mistakes
If only thy words were as true as the whom speaking it much appreciation for thy kind words, deep thanks for bestowing beauty into my thoughts
Jesus is my hero, My hope, My Heavenly Father. Jesus is my love, My life, My Living Water. Jesus is my passion, My patience, My Prince of Peace.
He’s going for glory. She brought glory to her name. Is our definition of glory becoming fame? We use the term so loosely, like it’s another conjunction, Yes it’s a noun, it’s a verb, and sometimes and interjection.
You are there for me when I am crying, And in you I console. You support me in my time of need, When I require reassurance. You comfort me in my tragedies, When I can’t find another friend.
Glory. Glory is the word used little, for there is little. Glory is living your life for a higher purpose, not wasting it. Glory is being a Hero, and heroes are not born, but made from glory. Glory is the act of helping others for their gain.
For country and glory, It's the same old story. Fighting for a just cause. Into the trench, Shooting British and French. Artillery serves as applause.
This world gives me a feeling of starkness So many places growing with darkness Setting that place on fire Cause Lord need for you is dire It's so dark they're becoming blind
I was once lost, Unnoticed in the crowd, Never knew who I was, But now I am found. I was floating through the days Wondering where I would go, My soul was in a haze But you brought me home.
He holds my heart within his hands Bending, Molding, all to plan Sometimes it hurts, but he always works. The black is now out of my heart, leaving a hole for a new start I feel all empty, sad and alone
Your love for me is everlasting, second chances only you are casting Seeking for love all I got was lust, as time past my heart will rust Despite my past you are still grasping, unto me while I was still dancing
With a new school year, a new start, but friends depart. And we’ve led our whole lives together, but suddenly we’re taking different paths from each other.
A book of an aunt Who no longer is here Turn the pages Listen Do you hear them cry? Torn and worn down but still prized most This book that is broken It tells a tale of sleeping beauty and her prince
There is something inside of each of our souls- this desire for the things that will destroy us. We crave to behave in ways that leave scars.
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