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Glory. Glory is the word used little, for there is little. Glory is living your life for a higher purpose, not wasting it. Glory is being a Hero, and heroes are not born, but made from glory. Glory is the act of helping others for their gain. Not yours. Glory is taking a stand, and not hiding in the shadows. Glory is speaking the truth even when it puts you in danger, Glory is not fame, or fortune. Glory is not making yourself a name. Glory is sacrifice . To sacrifice your time, your money, or your life for others. Glory is not something that can be hung on a wall, or put into your pocket. No, Glory is what you act upon, something you silently spread to others. Because, true glory is a virtue. Glory is not something you can buy, but earned. Because we were born to go higher, so dare to dream bigger, because if you don't have a passion worth dying for, you have nothing worth living for. Glory is invisible to ones self, but shine bright to others who see you as a leader. It might be easy to lead your family, or your friends. But can you lead your enemies down the path of truth. For there is your challenge and I dare you to accept it. For that is true glory.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this is well thought poem

enjoy how you define the word glory

you were able to embrace the word glory that diversifies examples of the importance of that particular word

great job and keep writing

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