He Isn't the World

He does not walk on water

But neither do I

He's flawed and far from perfection

But I know that he tries

He does not wear a suit of tin

But I am not of royal descent

He's made his mistakes

But it lets me know he's alive


He is not worthy of infatuation

But it's nice to know he's real

He has helped me through the hard times

And now I know how to heal

Forever he is there for me

And he never lets me feel alone

He may not be mine as of right now

But I feel the need to make him my own


He makes me feel so special

And I couldn't ask for more

He's a gentlemen, he likes me

He even holds the door

He isn't a big deal

But I don't want the world

All I'll ever need is this imperfect love

Between a faulty man and satisfied girl


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