' 'fear

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The stairs The looks The blank expressions. I feel the eyes on me, I feel watched, I feel judged, I feel scared, I feel silly, I feel paranoid  
Kids not born with a syndrome, could still inherent trauma  A whole people over four  generations, treated like lower fauna   
What happened to me? Once excitement, now fear what happened to me? I burned with desire, now I burn in shame; what happened to me?   Fear fear fear fear  
Are you afraid of what lies beneath?  Afraid of the things that stand in the darkness, watching you.  The things that keep you up at night.   
People change, circumstances change, loyalties change, contracts change. While the whole world is always changing, He will never change.  He will always be faithful to His Word and to His promises.
  Hey! I'm your fear. Yeah I've always been here.  You may not have noticed. But trust me I'm here I'm here through that first and last day of school
Picture (Im)perfect   Mind blurred like a camera lens  With no clarity left to picture   Tried to wipe away all the painful memories
Every step, Every breath, They chase you, Sudden death Is this it? We wonder, We cant know, We hide   The glass-like void of silence fills our veins As we listen to the cries of our brains
drenched in my own blood, drenched in my own pain i tried to do something for myself, i tried to save myself i tried to save myself from you
As the end of day draws near, I suddenly come upon a fear. In the days when I am old, Will my memories be so bold? Will I remember every person I’ve met,
Im only 18 And i have already found my deepest fear My worst nightmare  And i know that it will probably change as the time goes by  But now here it is  Fear that in the end
Covering myself in the atrocities of every human, plant, and animal, I could think of myself no more rotten, no less than putrid.  
I fear the stars They’re looking for something Someone They know my secrets I whispered to them on the darkest nights
I will not fear my name, cowering in the shadow of traits and opinions,
I'm breaking heart sitting here everyday thinking i should man up and tell you I'm breaking my own heart letting occupy my thoughts the better part of the day I'm breaking my heart
He told me he loved me. He looked me straight into my vulnerable eyes and said the most important words any human can say to another. He stood there, still staring at me, waiting for a response. Say it back. I couldn't.
Tick tock, tick tick tock, There goes the familiar rhythm of the clock, As the notes align with the beats in my chest, Vibrations surge through my fingers fighting to remain at rest.   I was alone,
I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,
College. A big word, a thrilling word, a costly word, a scary word. There was a time when that word meant very little to me, A vague term that had nothing to do with my life. Now it draws ever closer,
  You’re poison to me. Yet I keep you around.   You push me to the ground. Then pull me back up.   No one else sees you.
On the block, legs shaking head pounding, Breath in, breath out, take your mark, Go! Jump in with your might. As you are going, heart pounding, Butterflys roaring This is where you belong.
Gut filled with terror Without thought, legs trudge to her My heart speaks through lips  
I do not have any fears As they are are all too trivial to me. Why cry in front of a bug? Why scream in a small room?
I feared the outcomes. Of what they would think. "What a Whore." "She just wanted attention." "Why would he want her?" I was so scared of the judgements,  Even though i didn't do anything wrong.
Tires skidding Metal crushing My scream echoes.   I jolt awake Blinking in the Darkness, haunted Breath heavy, the drive.   My leg aches.  I close my eyes:
Coincidence is not fate Says reality formed, looping like Crochet work unfinished by some Bored Deity   Coincidence is not fate
Fear! Fear! Fear! Fear! I dance with it the most Dreaming so deeply that nightmares can be imagined Making aspirations turn into imaginary ghosts
I was livid. Or at least I thought I was. Anger tastes hot But this tasted like stone   A car ride to DC
What is fear?   The feeling of being simply not enough.   You've put everything on the table. Left it all out on the field. Put your heart and soul into it.
It was a good year  till fear appeared and destroyed my career which put me in tears but now I am here ready to cheer  because this is going to be a good year
Here we are on an open road, The trees are green and swaying.  Here we are on an open road, I thank the breeze for staying. For my backseat driver keeps tapping me, And putting out his input. 
Fear can eat you devour you whole. make you weep until you cant see no more.   if you stare Fear in the eyes it will cower down. remove the power to gain your own.  
A cable car  
What is real? He stood trembling like a reed in the wind It felt so real, too real, was it real? It felt real It looked real It appeared real What is real?
I was conceived in a worldThat favored the kind of peopleThat I refused to become Suffocated in shades of pale greyThey spread their virusOn our buildings to dull their shine I was planted in a town that hatedSomeone who had colorsOther than pale
Why do we fear? We fear what we want most, What we want to achieve, where we want to be, who we want to be love. The fear of rejection is more popular than accepting the fact that failing is inevitable
Goodbye brokenness you no longer live in my heart anymore. You have lead me to make some irrational choices and to have people in my corner who want to hurt me.
I used to fear big waves, perhaps I still do. But this story is about adversity, so I'll share my time in the blue. It was a day when I was young, and the waves were 12 feet tall.
I used to fear big waves, perhaps I still do. But this story is about adversity, so I'll share my time in the blue. It was a day when I was young, and the waves were 12 feet tall.
It's not that I'm soaring, more of flying Perhaps soaring, escalating It is a gradual ascent but when you're horizontal seemingly rushing to  uppermost borders of the world, it all seems to be a rush.
Drink it up, drink it up. You're already drowning in it's well. Run away, run away. A chain causes your ankle to swell. Keep screaming, keep screaming. You can't scare the monster away.
Listen! Slip right, then jab. Follow up, keep it straight! Remember! Cover yourself! Don't let him land another! He's big, too big! His hands are like stones! He's quick, too quick!
When I want to lay & rest, your body fits mine and we talk until our eyelids grow heavy  To grub and to hug all through the night & even when It’s hot Man that’s sounds good like when you play
I shake and stumble as I walk across   My legs like gelatin I can’t deny   The fear roars in and wants to burst out  
Fear Is Like A Lepard  Always Prowling Always Watching Waiting For The Perfect Time To Strike The Strike Of Paralysis And, Fear The Scariest Thing Is How IT Lies IT Tells You Youre Not Good Enough 
While we all dread different terrors, we all fight the same nightmare.
Before me is a mountain. It strecthes high to touch the sky. Inside are all my fears uncontained, But I must conquer it, or at least try.   It houses my demons and ghosts, my failures and my doubts.
she wears a black wool coat,  nothing else - save for a pair of heeled boots that always clack sharply as if she's walking on tile. her hair is pulled tightly up into a bun, not a single hair out of place.  
They had haunted me since a child, Their speeds, their heights all very wild. My fear for them always reviled, And once there, excuses compiled.   Roller coasters were kryptonite
I guess I’ve always been afaird of the dark, The shadows that seemed so daunting. Almost as if something could leap out from any moment, Without knowing what they were wanting.
There is nothing to fear but fear itself And fear itself I do fear If I look fear in the eye, will it know that it has won? If I look away, will it sense that I am numb? I have been afraid of fear my entire life
For lack of better words     You instill and distill my love      Like alcohol in a glass. Bitter and dangerous, But still on these streets. You use me like a drunk And I’ve got no choice.
Taunting vultures circulate overhead Without invitation. The incessant, whipping wings Pay no mind to The air that I displace.  
Unified in our individualism, we collectively suffer… We live in a system defined by hierarchies and divisions yet we still say it’s for a greater good that will eventually benefit everyone.
Remember those days;  
light has always drifted in me   it's deep and shallow a conspiring tide   but the darkness flows up   creeps and hurt clings and clangs  
I don't consider myself shy, I've just never been fond of speaking out loud. 99.9% of the time I am relaxed when it comes to presentations. Then, it is presentation day, And that 0.01% of anxiety floods my body.
The first thing I notice when I look in the mirror is my nose; thin, long and narrow.  Not upturned like other girls. Not small when I smile. It's just there. Straight. Narrow. Thin.
To find a fear, is not hard Though to experience it, Is a evergoing pain. We try to avoid fear, However it is lurking. Not all around you, But in your mind. You try to face it,
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" But if that's the case I should never be afraid to embrace who I am. They say time flies and days go by never in any denial of any trail
Face everything and realize You hold the power to your reality Fake experiences appearing real Only way to find out is to do it Release resistance And unfold undiscovered strengths
I saw you in a mirror today But it wasn’t your face I saw It was mine.   I saw your hardened eyes
Fear is easy describe Hopeless hole devour me! Sinking deep into the ink With no rope to follow me...   Fear is easy just to live Against me everything is Someone help me
His crumpled bat skeleton arms criss-cross before him, his hands hang limp, his finger extends expressively, his matted hair flops in front of his face, and I hand him an origami box because he is falling backwards two steps, I've taken a step and
"The moment has arrived. The day I've always imagined is here. I spent nights without sleeping for this. This is all you've ever wanted, but you are scared. It's now or never", I would say to myself.
When I look at her, Thousands of butterflies Fill my stomach And bounce back and forth, Trying desperately to get free.   When I look at her,
  Everyday i wake with an unquestionable fate Of how my life is odd and also beautiful in a number of ways There's a method to how you can measure madness and it consists of vulnerability
  Everyday i wake with an unquestionable fate Of how my life is odd and also beautiful in a number of ways There's a method to how you can measure madness and it consists of vulnerability
Of course You're a good person.   You only lied to me Because you only wanted me to
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