When I Look At Her

When I look at her,

Thousands of butterflies

Fill my stomach

And bounce back and forth,

Trying desperately to get free.


When I look at her,

My heartbeats become

Like a drum in

A heavy metal band,

Beating furiously to the beat.


When I look at her,

Her deep, gentle eyes

Pull me in

To their Wonderland,

Entrancing me even further.


Like steps in quicksand

I soon become lost


Deeper and deeper


The more I try to escape

The further I fall


Deeper and deeper.


When I look at her.

At her.


When I look at her,

My chest aches so

Hard for her

Heart and soul and eyes,

Threatening to burst and erupt.


But I am a her.

Longing for another.


Are not supposed

To want hers.


When I look at him,

My heart skips too

And my breath

Catches in my throat,

Keeping butterflies from escape.


When I look at him.

At him.


When I look at her.

At her.


Gay is not okay

But bisexual is worse.

Choose a side.

Stop pretending,

Seeking attention,

Quit tricking.


Fear fills my chest.

I beg for acceptance,


My identity,

My pride.


I meet only hate,





But when I look at her,

At him,

At myself,

There is only love,



There is no room

For fear

When I look at her,

Look at him,

Look at me.


There is only me.

100 percent





When I look at her,

Look at him,

Look at me;

There is no other way

For it to be.


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